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In The Mailbox: 11.24.21 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.
EBL: Milwaukee DA John Chisholm Has Blood On His Hands
Twitchy: Molly Jong-Fast is tired of ‘being trolled by everyone from the Right’ for her ‘humor essay’ on shaming conservative relatives at Thanksgiving
Louder With Crowder: Ted Cruz Hammers Colbert – Rich Libs Using Rittenhouse To Take Away Your Self-Defense Rights
Vox Popoli: He Was Always Sketchy
Gab News: Welcome To Gab, Congressman

Adam Piggott: The Media Did Its Job, also, There Is No Place For Politics In Spirituality
American Greatness: Rittenhouse Hints That Defamation Lawsuits Are In The Works, also, The Select Committee Is Covering Up 1/6 Police Brutality
American Power: Kenosha, Portland, & The Lies
American Thinker: The Disturbing & Shocking Plan To Replace Kamala Harris
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Blue Confederacy News
Babalu Blog: Communist Cuba’s Vaunted Healthcare – “Neglect At Home, Profits Abroad”
BattleSwarm: Samsung To Build $17 Billion Fab In Taylor Texas
Behind The Black: Red China Launches Another Earth Observation Satellite, also, SpaceX Successfully Launches NASA Asteroid Mission
Cafe Hayek: Should We Help Workers Who Lose Jobs to Imports? also, Logrolling Good & Bad
CDR Salamander: Are Our Intellectual Actions Aligned With Our Security Challenges?
Da Tech Guy: More Important Than JFK
Don Surber: Democrats Go Woke & Get Broke, also, Lin Wood Let Us All Down
Gates Of Vienna: Gerald Grosz – The Vax Doesn’t Work! also, Waiting For The Corona Boxcar
The Geller Report: Whistleblower Drops Video Of Delaware County Pa. Election Officials Destroying Evidence & Ballots, also, Rittenhouse – Biden Attacked My Character With “Actual Malice”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Polling Too Far In Advance, and An Unusual Dwarf
Hollywood In Toto: Tucker Carlson & Nick Searcy Target Extreme Media Bias, also, House Of Gucci Can’t Pick A Lane
The Lid: Waukesha DA Chisholm Designed Bail Reform, Said It Was Guaranteed To Kill Innocent People
Legal Insurrection: Catholic U. Of America Has Painting Depicting George Floyd As Jesus Christ, also, UNC Medical School Embedding Social Justice Policy Through “Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion” 
Monster Hunter Nation: One Of The Many Dumb Hot Takes On The Rittenhouse Case
Nebraska Energy Observer: Dammit, Boys, They’re Getting Away, also, The Peter Principle
Outkick: Wouldn’t It Be Cool If Lane Kiffin Stayed At Ole Miss?, WTA Deserves Applause For Standing up To Red China, also, WSJ Won’t Cancel Thanksgiving Editorials
Power Line: Is There Life After The Playpen?, Biden Hits The Panic Button As WH Civil War Intensifies, and Critique Of Pure Tucker
Shark Tank: DeSantis Will “Fully Fund” Gas Tax Holiday, Increase Teacher & First Responder Pay
Shot In The Dark: A Nation Divided, also, No News Is Acceptable News
The Political Hat: When You Are Your Own Gender
This Ain’t Hell: Ukraine Says Their Intel Points To A Russian Attack By Late January, An Epidemic Of Lapdog Generals, and Tuesdays With TikTok Liberals
Transterrestrial Musings:
Victory Girls: Roundup Time – Happy Vs. The Left
Volokh Conspiracy: Another Case About “Bringing About The Difficulty”
Weasel Zippers: Biden Lies Again, Claiming Americans’ Wages Are Up, CNN Host Jokes About Throwing Trump Supporters In Jail, and Politifact Calls BS On Bad Orange Woman’s Inflation Claims
The Federalist: Rittenhouse Coverage Showcases Media’s Obsession With Stoking Race Wars, also, Legacy News Ignores Hunter Biden Report On Securing Red Chinese Mineral Monopoly
Mark Steyn: Nothing To See Here, The Pop Star As Dictatorial Suckup, and Court Is In Session

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