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David Brooks Fisking Day Returns?

Posted on | November 25, 2021 | Comments Off on David Brooks Fisking Day Returns?

The basic problem with David Brooks is that he hasn’t been punched in the face as often as he deserves to be punched in the face.

Which is to say, repeatedly, on a daily basis.

On two occasions, I happened to be at conferences where David Brooks was a speaker, and in both instances, I walked out of the room, overcome by rage, struggling to resist an urge to rush the stage, grab hold of that swine and pummel him until the cops hauled me off to jail.

Really, what’s a simple assault charge in Washington, D.C.? The city is so overwhelmed with serious violent crime that I doubt I’d get more than probation and a fine for beating up David Brooks, besides which nobody actually likes him. If I went for a jury trial, pro se, I’m pretty sure I could convince twelve honest citizens that clobbering David Brooks should not be considered a crime. Hell, it’s a civic duty. Anyway . . .

This week, Brooks published — in The Atlantic, where else? — an article titled, “The Terrifying Future of the American Right.” What was so “terrifying” about the recent gathering of conservatives in Orlando about which Brooks wrote this lamentable article? Anyone can read his description of the event and try to find something “terrifying,” and good luck with that. What the people at the conference are guilty of, really, is not giving a damn what readers of The Atlantic think about them.

Misanthropic Humanitarian at AOSHQ has further thoughts on Brooks, but unfortunately, none of them involve punching Brooks in the face.

Repeatedly, as he deserves.



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