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‘Killadelphia’ D.A. Turned Loose Teen Carjacker Who Murdered Marxist Student

Posted on | December 2, 2021 | Comments Off on ‘Killadelphia’ D.A. Turned Loose Teen Carjacker Who Murdered Marxist Student

Latif Williams is only 17 years old, but he already racked up an impressive criminal record before he was arrested this week for murder. And let’s face it — if you’re an ambitious young criminal, there’s no better place to commit crime than “Killadelphia,” which has already eclipsed its all-time record annual murder total this year. Last year, Philadelphia saw an 80% increase in carjackings, and Latif Williams got in on that action this year when he “was arrested on Aug. 14th and charged with eight crimes in connection with an armed carjacking, including aggravated assault, robbery, conspiracy and possession of an unlicensed gun.”

Considering his prior record — Williams was first arrested at age 13 for “robbing a college student on the Temple [University] campus of a cell phone” — you might think this carjacking would have put him behind bars for a long time. Ah, but need I remind you that this is Killadelphia, where Joe Biden got 81% of the vote? The city’s “progressive” District Attorney Larry Krasner has a policy of turning loose criminals, and on Sept. 30, “Judge Martin Coleman granted the D.A.’s motion to withdraw all eight charges against Williams, and he was a free man.”

Didn’t take him long to return to his life of crime:

Williams is accused of fatally shooting 21-year-old Samuel Collington of Prospect Park, Delaware County on Sunday during an apparent robbery near the North Philadelphia campus. . . .
According to police, Collington had just parked his mother’s SUV on Sunday afternoon near the 2200 block of N. Park Avenue after returning from Thanksgiving at his family’s home.
Authorities said while he was unloading his things, a suspected robber snuck up on him and a struggle ensued.
According to police, Collington was shot in the chest and back. He was taken to Temple University Hospital where he died of his injuries. . . .
The 21-year-old was a political science major who was set to graduate from Temple in just weeks.

Here’s a little dash of irony: “Collington . . . was passionate about social justice issues and racial and income equality, friends said. He was the president of the Political Science Society for the last year and an officer of the College Democrats. . . . [I]n the past, he had canvassed for Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.” A friend of Collington’s, Douglas Leake “described his friend . . . as a ‘devout Marxist’ who ‘would not want his death to be used to push any sort of right-wing pro-police agenda such as stop and frisk’:

“We must not let this travesty spawn oppression of any kind,” Leake wrote. “I will never stop defending his legacy of radical justice, peace and equality.”

“Radical justice”? Progressives turn loose the criminals who kill them.

Hard not to view this as a win-win. Way to go, Killadelphia.



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