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Man Killed in Philadelphia Carjacking

Posted on | February 8, 2022 | Comments Off on Man Killed in Philadelphia Carjacking

Dana Pico has kept the spotlight on “Killadelphia,” and notes that the erstwhile “City of Brotherly Love” has now become “Carjackadelphia,” with an astonishing increase in such crimes:

Already this year, police say there have been 140 carjackings in the city — double the year-to-date total from 2021, and seven times the pace reported at the beginning of 2020.
The total number of carjackings last year — 840 — was by far the highest annual total since at least 2017, police statistics show.

A seven-fold increase in carjackings, a phenomenon for which neither public officials nor the journalists at the Philadelphia Inquirer can offer any explanation. Meanwhile, the criminals are emboldened in the Democrat-controlled city, and no one’s life is safe:

A Philadelphia grandfather and military veteran was gunned down Sunday night during a carjacking outside his mother’s house in Rhawnhurst.
According to the Philadelphia Police Department, 60-year-old George Briscella was visiting his mother at her house on the 2100 block of Afton Street around 8 p.m.
Video surveillance footage shows Briscella walking towards a 2020 Toyota Rav4 parked in the driveway when three unknown suspects approach him a minute later.
Soon after, police say three shots were fired from an AR-15 style rifle and one hit Briscella on the right side of the abdomen. He was taken to Jefferson-Torresdale Hospital where he died.
The Rav4 was last spotted heading towards Large Street and has a temporary license plate tag of last 514-67PD.
Philadelphia Police Homicide Detective Jason Smith called the deadly carjacking “a crime of opportunity.”
Investigators believe the three suspects could be linked to other carjackings.
“Total disregard for human life, a great human life,” Tony Briscella said of his father’s killing.
“This didn’t need to happen in a city that we all grew up in and loved, and it continues to deteriorate.”

Note that there is no description of the suspects, and apparently police have not provided the public with still images from the surveillance video to assist in the identification of these murderous carjackers, but it is probably safe to assume that the suspects are not Republican voters.

Dana Pico remarks that the Philadelphia Inquirer seek to blame this deadly surge of violent crime on firearms, rather than the turn-’em-loose policy of Philadelphia’s Democratic DA Larry Krasner, who has refused to prosecute and incarcerate criminals (because “social justice”).

Let us therefore ask, “Where are these guns coming from?”

Three men have been charged for illegally trafficking guns in Philadelphia.
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced the charges against 24-year-old Bryan Johnson, 21-year-old Dajuan Coffee and 23-year-old Quadir Burley on Friday.
Authorities say Johnson, who at the time had no criminal record, purchased 19 different firearms across Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Lehigh counties.
According to investigators, he transferred the weapons to Coffee and Burley, who then trafficked them to others.
Both Coffey and Burley were not legally able to purchase guns.
“The majority of these straw purchases were made at gun dealers with electronic records of sale, making it easier for law enforcement to track straw purchasers and trace crime guns thanks to our Track + Trace Initiative,” Shapiro said in a statement.

Probably not Republican voters, I guess. And the reason that the state attorney general’s office has taken charge of apprehending and prosecuting gun traffickers in Philadelphia is because the city’s DA won’t do a damned thing to put them behind bars (because “social justice”). And here’s a story from last July in suburban Montgomery County:

Three Philadelphia men are under arrest for allegedly trafficking dozens of guns around the Delaware Valley.
Investigators say Tyron Gresham, 24, illegally purchased and resold 37 firearms dating back to December 2019.
Of the 37 firearms purchased by Gresham, 17 were purchased in Bucks County, 16 in Philadelphia and four in Montgomery County.
Nasim Smalls, 24, and Aaron Walker, 29, allegedly helped in the sales of the guns.
“The three recovered guns of the 37 purchased by Gresham shows just how far and wide the impact of gun trafficking and straw purchases can be. These guns travel quickly from the original purchaser to a criminal, who very soon uses it in illegal activity,” said Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele.
Police have only recovered three of those weapons: two in Philadelphia and one in Michigan from a car stolen out of New York.

Did I mention that Joe Biden got 81.4% of the vote in Philadelphia? Because it should be obvious that the reason Larry Krasner won’t send criminals to prison is because these criminals are Democratic voters.

That’s what “social justice” actually means: Vote Democrat, and you can literally get away with murder. Nevertheless, with the midterm elections approaching and the electorate concerned about the frightening increase in violent crime committed by Democratic voters, the federal Department of Justice has been cracking down on illegal firearms trafficking:

Man Indicted for Allegedly
Straw Purchasing 27 Handguns
From Stores in the Chicago Suburbs

Feb. 3, 2022

South Carolina Couple Charged with Illegally Trafficking Firearms into New Jersey
Nov. 5, 2021

Two Men Indicted for Firearms Trafficking
Oct. 28, 2021

9 Defendants Indicted In Interstate
Gun Trafficking Scheme

Aug. 4, 2021

Three People Charged in Interstate
Gun Trafficking Conspiracy

May 19, 2021

Three Charged in Florida to Connecticut
Gun Trafficking Scheme

March 28, 2021

Virginia Man Arrested for Gun Trafficking
in South Jersey

March 25, 2021

Having skimmed through those Justice Department press releases, I’m willing to hazard a guess that the number of Republican voters arrested in these federal gun-trafficking cases was exactly zero.

Isn’t America’s crime problem actually a political problem?



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