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Crazy People Are Dangerous

Posted on | March 4, 2022 | Comments Off on Crazy People Are Dangerous

Say hello to Frank Abrokwa, 37, who has been arrested in New York City more than 20 times since 1999 and those of my readers who are good at math will immediately realize that this means this perpetrator has been perpetrating at least one crime a year since he was 14. Other of my readers may be wondering, “What kind of name is Abrokwa?”

The answer is Ghanaian. There is apparently a shortage of career criminals in New York, so they’re importing them, and turning them loose to terrorize the citizenry. But I don’t feel sorry for the citizens of New York, because they voted for these policies.

Joe Biden got 78% of the vote in Manhattan, and 61% statewide. The state legislature, controlled by Democrats, enacted a “bail reform” law that mandated the release of nearly all criminal suspects (because “social justice”) without paying a cent of bail. That this has resulted in an unprecedented crime wave should surprise no one; it was predicted at the time the “bail reform” law was being debated, but the Democrats who run New York simply didn’t care. Considering then that this disaster is a self-inflicted wound, a consequence of the embrace of the Democratic Party by the people of New York, it is difficult to find sympathy for the individual victims of the current crime wave. We recall H.L. Mencken’s famous observation, “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

How about being smeared with feces “good and hard”?

A Bronx man who allegedly smeared human feces on a woman’s face on a subway platform last week has been arrested, NYPD said.
Frank Abrokwa, 37, approached a 43-year-old woman who was sitting on a bench on the southbound platform of the Wakefield-241st Street subway station in the Bronx around 5:15 p.m. Monday, Feb. 21, cops said.
Suddenly, without saying a word, he hit the unsuspecting woman in the face and the back of her head with human feces before fleeing, footage released by police showed. . . .
Abrokwa was arrested Monday and charged with forcible touching, menacing, disorderly conduct and harassment.

All of which are misdemeanors, by the way, and Abrokwa was promptly released without bail. This attack occurred in the Bronx, which is represented in Congress by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Did the victim of Abrokwa’s subway fecal attack vote for AOC? If so, I find it difficult to say she does not deserve to be smeared with feces. Were it within my power to make it possible, everyone who voted for AOC — who got 152,661 votes in 2020 — would be treated the same way.

Frank Abrokwa is the symbolic face of the Democratic Party:

The sicko who allegedly smashed his own feces in a Bronx straphanger’s face joked with cops that “s–t happens” before sneering to a Bronx judge, “F–k you, bitch.”
Frank Abrokwa, 37, was busted Monday at his homeless shelter in connection to the revolting Feb. 21 attack, according to cops and police sources.
Upon arrest, he made light of the attack, quipping to cops, “S–t happens. Haha. This is a s–tty situation. Haha,” Bronx Assistant District Attorney Grace Phillips said during Abrokwa’s arraignment late Tuesday.
Abrokwa — apparently impatient because Brooklyn detectives showed up to arrest him for an unrelated hate crime from September — also made a scene in Bronx Criminal Court.
Prior to his appearance before Judge Wanda Licitra, he could be heard in the holding area grumbling, “Why am I still here? I’m f–king tired of it. I’m hungry.” . . .
Phillips requested an order of protection for the 43-year-old feces victim — prompting an outburst from Abrokwa, who told the judge, “I don’t know that b—h,” referring to the victim.
“Can I go with the Brooklyn detectives?” he pleaded.
He then lashed out at the judge, lamenting, “Why am I being mistreated by the system?”
“I’m being respectful. I’m talking to my attorney,” he snapped at the jurist. “You’re talking to her. Not to me. F–k you, bitch.”
At that point, Licitra called the case and had Abrokwa removed from the courtroom — but brought him back in later to continue the arraignment, which lasted about 40 minutes.
Ultimately, Abrokwa was freed without bail — because the charges against him were not bail-eligible under the state’s bail reform laws, despite prosecutors’ request for him to be held on $15,000 bond, or $5,000 cash.
Horrifying video of the attack shows Abrokwa allegedly slapping a bag filled with his own crap in the victim’s face — and then rubbing it on the back of her head — as she sat on a bench at the Wakefield-241st Street subway station.
Just before the attack, Abrokwa approached the victim and said, “Hey mami, how come you don’t want to talk to me?,” Phillips said.
“The complainant did not engage with the defendant,” the ADA said. “Instead of taking the lack of engagement in stride, the defendant responded with violence. He walked into a nearby idling subway car and defecated in a bag.”
“He then walked back to the complainant and repeatedly smashed the bag and left his feces in her face, head, neck, shoulders and back area. She had feces in her eyes, and hair. As he attacked, the defendant stated in sum and substance: ‘Like this, bitch?’”
The victim used her bag to shield herself but suffered a small bleeding cut inside her lip, and a swollen and red forehead, Phillips said.
But just after being freed in the Bronx, Abrokwa was nabbed in connection to the Brooklyn hate crime.
In that case, Abrokwa approached a 46-year-old man on Utica Avenue near Park Place in Crown Heights around 5:30 p.m. Sept. 9 and snarled, “F–king Jew, I’m going to kill you,” cops said.

Turning loose Jew-hating lunatics to terrorize the public — this is the Democratic Party’s 2022 midterm campaign platform. Anyone tempted to vote Democrat should seek psychiatric treatment immediately.

Crazy People Are Dangerous.



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