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Can You Say ‘Hate Hoax,’ Boys and Girls?

Posted on | March 20, 2022 | Comments Off on Can You Say ‘Hate Hoax,’ Boys and Girls?

Nothing suspicious about this at all:

One by one, student leaders representing several historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) across the country described to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform on Thursday their anguish over the recent racially charged threats their educational institutions had faced, while emphasizing their resolve to move forward. . . .
On Jan. 31 and again on Feb. 1, at the beginning of Black History Month, 24 HBCUs received threats that bombs were going to explode on their campuses. Since the beginning of the year, at least 36 HBCUs have received 54 such threats. Morehouse College in Atlanta received a bomb threat on Tuesday, prompting students to shelter in place. These threats have been made, officials told the committee, through phone calls, emails, instant messages and online posts.

Don’t worry, the FBI is investigating:

More than a third of America’s 101 historically Black colleges and universities have been targeted by calls or emails threatening to set off bombs on their campuses since early January, with the vast majority arriving during the celebration of Black History Month in February. The threats are being investigated as hate crimes.
At a congressional hearing Thursday, federal law enforcement agencies said they are working aggressively to make arrests in the 59 cases, calling the case their “highest priority.” All six suspects are juveniles, according to the FBI.
Ryan Young, executive assistant director of the FBI intelligence branch, said investigators have identified “one person and a small group,” although some of the threats may have been copycat crimes.
“Our intention is to bring these individuals to justice,” Young told the House Oversight Committee.

Notice that his testimony said nothing about the identity or motives of the suspects — were they white, black, Chinese? wearing MAGA hats? — and because they are juveniles, it is likely that we will never see the mugshots of these young Jussie Smollett imitators.

But these likely hoaxes have served their purpose, giving Democrats an excuse to hold congressional hearings about “hate crimes.”



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