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‘Orange Man Bad!’ Trump Still Living Rent-Free in the Left’s Collective Head

Posted on | June 14, 2022 | 1 Comment

Linking to an article about internecine conflict in “progressive advocacy groups,” Glenn Reynolds notes the real source of their problem:

Woke white people are annoying, stupid, and frequently vicious. Fortunately they’re also usually self-destructive and incompetent. But ultimately, this is just Trump exercising a magical power to destroy his enemies via their own ideology:

Sooner or later, each interview for this story landed on the election of Trump in 2016 as a catalyst. Whatever internal tension had been pulling at the seams of organizations in the years prior, Trump’s shock victory sharpened the focus of activists and regular people alike. The institutional progressive world based in Washington, D.C., reacted slowly, shell-shocked and unsure of its place, but people outside those institutions raced ahead of them. A period of mourning turned into fierce determination to resist. Spontaneous women’s marches were called in scores of cities, drawing as many as 5 million people, a shocking display of force. (Their collapse in a heap of identitarian recriminations is its own parable for this moment.)

Indeed. Trump Derangement Syndrome exacerbated the worst tendencies of the worst people in politics. The RINOs and neocon grifters — e.g., Steve Schmidt — exposed themselves as cynical frauds who had never believed in anything except their own careerist ambitions. On the Left, the desperate panic of the #Resistance sent emotionally fragile people searching for saviors, thus creating opportunities for crooked hustlers like Michael Avenatti and Patrisse Cullors, to say nothing of the “cabal” that foisted President Joe Biden on the nation. The very worst people, motivated in various degrees by selfishness and paranoid fear — “Orange Man Bad!” — were to be found in the anti-Trump mobs. They deserve whatever misery they’ve created for themselves because, God knows, they’ve created enough misery for the rest of us.



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