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Another Loser With a ‘Manifesto’

Posted on | August 29, 2022 | 1 Comment

Say hello to Ethan Miller, 20, of Bend, Oregon, and while you’re at it, go ahead and say good-bye, because he died of a self-inflicted gunshot after shooting up a Safeway supermarket Sunday. He shot four people, two of whom died, after posting a 56-page “manifesto.” Miller ranted about “the government, COVID lockdowns, technology, and women, [and] said in the rambling, oddly punctuated screed that he had an insatiable compulsion to kill”:

“I can’t wait to just send a Bullet into someone’s Brain,” Miller wrote in the first entry, on July 29. “This is going to be the Bloodiest and Most Gruesome Massacre in the History of Massacres! I want Blood, Guts, Brain Matter, and Pieces of Skull & Flesh to Paint the Walls and Floors. Then I wanna End my Life Here in the Most Violent Way Possible. By Eating the Barrel of My Shotgun then Blowing my Head Off & Evacuating my Brain with Buckshot.”

Two dead and two wounded? Definitely not “the Bloodiest and Most Gruesome Massacre in the History of Massacres,” and I’m sure we’ll get an explanation from police for why Miller’s massacre plan was even worse than his prose style. It appears he originally planned to attack a local high school on Sept. 8, but became impatient and attacked the Safeway instead. He was an unpopular creep in high school:

Akela Haverlandt, 21, lived a few houses away from Miller and attended Mountainview High with him. She graduated in 2019, a year before Miller did, but the two had a number of classes together, she said in a phone interview from Florida, where she now resides.
“He would get in tons and tons of fights at school,” Haverlandt told The Daily Beast on Monday. “I think he had this sort of rage. I mean, he was just super aggressive.”
Miller “wasn’t really liked” by others, and didn’t have very many friends, according to Haverlandt.
“People thought he was weird, or rude, or just creepy toward the girls,” she said. “… He would always message me and my friends saying, like, you’re so pretty… Kind of like a weird type of harassment situation. And he would message us and bother the shit out of us.”
One of Miller’s few friends at Mountainview High was a varsity athlete that Haverlandt dated for three years, she said. The former jock, Keenan Harpole, was arrested and charged in April with murder in the shooting death of a 19-year-old woman at Portland State University, where he was matriculating.
When Haverlandt first read Miller’s manifesto on Sunday, which has now been taken offline, she said she found it so disturbing she couldn’t sleep all night. Still, Haverlandt said it came as little surprise that Miller, of all people, would be IDed as the shooter.
“To read [it] was super crazy, but also like, ‘Wow, makes sense,’” she continued. “I wouldn’t think of anybody else in my grade or in that school that… would do that. He was so recognized for being violent, and constantly fighting with kids, and just causing problems.”

There was “little surprise” he was the shooter, because he was “recognized for being violent,” and yet nobody warned anybody.



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