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Have We Reached Peak ‘Woke’ Yet?

Posted on | August 29, 2022 | 1 Comment

Sydney Sweeney is a young actress with enormous . . . talent. She has 14 million Instagram followers and is best known for her starring role on the HBO series Euphoria, for which she recently won an Emmy award.

Miss Sweeney was raised in rural Idaho in a religious family, and when her mother recently celebrated her 60th birthday, the party had a “hoedown” theme, with guests dressing in cowboy garb. But some fans, who also follow Miss Sweeney’s brother Instagram account, noticed that (a) Miss Sweeney’s father was wearing a pro-police “blue line” flag T-shirt and (b) some guests were wearing red “MAGA” style hats. The hats actually said, “Make 60 Great Again,” an obvious reference to her mother’s birthday, but what ensued was a big social-media firestorm, with left-wing political activists endeavoring to “cancel” Miss Sweeney because of her family’s apparent Republican sympathies.

Can we please stop this deranged “woke” witch-hunt mentality, in which we are expected to be outraged that white people in Idaho are voting Republican? I mean, I don’t know if you’ve seen any Idaho poll numbers lately, but unless the mob wants to “cancel” two-thirds of the population of Idaho, they need to shut up. Is it really so shocking that people who live in rural America generally have beliefs and attitudes that don’t match the preferences of urbanites? Please, forget about politics long enough to focus on Sydney Sweeney’s enormous . . . talent.



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