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In The Mailbox: 09.01.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

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Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: 50 Years Ago – Bobby Fischer Won The World Chess Championship
Director Blue: Introducing The Kids’ FBI Agent Kit!
EBL: Joe Biden – Super Pimp, also, Fetterman Fears Debating Oz
Twitchy: The Gist Of President Biden’s “Soul Of The Nation” Speech, also, Blue-Check White-Knights NBC Reporter Who Called Jackson Mississippi’s Water Crisis “Environmental Racism”
Louder With Crowder: Woke energy company locks customers out of setting their ‘smart’ thermostats and too bad if you don’t like it
Vox Popoli: “So Staggeringly Bad”, Mailvox: Dyscivilizationation, and Destroying Democracy to Save It

American Conservative: Putin’s Last Laugh, also, Is the World Weary of War in Ukraine?
American Greatness: FBI Agents have Allegedly Lost Confidence in Director Christopher Wray, also, Joe Biden’s Antifa Politics
American Power: Biden Will Summon His Supporters to Wage a War For the ‘Soul of the Nation’ Against Republicans Who Are ‘Semi-Fascists’ and a ‘Threat to Democracy’
American Thinker: We Have Been Thinking about This All Wrong
Babalu Blog: Meet Charlie Crist’s running mate Karla Mats, the union boss with a soft spot for Fidel Castro, Not all attack dogs in Cuba run on four legs, and Havana headquarters of the Ladies in White ‘gifted’ with Afro-Cuban witchcraft hex bomb
BattleSwarm: Peter Zeihan on The Kherson Counteroffensive
Behind The Black: NASA awards SpaceX new $1.4 billion contract to launch its astronauts, On Mars you can find glaciers everywhere in the mid-latitudes, and Today’s blacklisted American: Google scholarship sets racist quotas favoring minorities
Cafe Hayek: Wall Street Journal: Bankruptcy Doesn’t Equal Death, also, Maybe Covid Loves the Blue-State Scene
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: Speaking of Surveys
Da Tech Guy: Men’s Retreat and September Indulgence Calendar, also, Democrats used the FBI as an attack dog to censor Americans on social media during the 2020 election
Don Surber: Why people 16-40 don’t follow the media, also, Sanctuary cities — for criminals
First Street Journal: European socialism has saddled Europeans with skyrocketing electricity bills, also, Jim Kenney: The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here!
Gates Of Vienna: Throwing Robert Habeck Under the Bus
The Geller Report: Fear of Trump kept Iran in compliance of nuclear deal, says former Israeli security chief
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Time and Grammar, Statistics v. Natural Selection, and Meanwhile, in Lower Middle Earth
Hollywood In Toto: Purple Hearts Heals While Biden Stirs Up Hate, Division, Why Rob Schneider Went Viral for ‘SNL’ Slam, and Alec Baldwin Calls Hollywood’s Conservative Blacklist ‘Unfortunate’
The Lid: Biden Tried To Talk Crime This Week — And Failed, also, Economist With Long Record Of Accurate Predictions Says A Whopper Of A Recession Coming In 2023 And 2024
Legal Insurrection: Biden Admin Colluded With Social Media Platforms to Censor and Suppress Content, Chinese Communist Party Loyalists Are Stifling Dissent on College Campuses in America, and Herschel Walker Leads Raphael Warnock in Georgia Senate Race In Two New Polls
Nebraska Energy Observer: In other news
Outkick: Police Release Photo Of Oakland A’s Fans Who Engaged In Ballpark Sex Act, Junior Hockey Player Eli Palfreyman Dies At Tournament, Shannon Sharpe Calls Aaron Rodgers a ‘Prick’ For Not Getting Vaccinated, and Ukraine’s Marta Kostyuk Refuses To Shake Hands With Belarusian Victoria Azarenka At US Open
Power Line: Joe Biden, Soul Doctor, For Your Video Viewing Pleasure, and Peltola prevails
Protein Wisdom: Alex’s War
Shark Tank: Marco Rubio Calls Woke Culture “The Epitome Of Insanity”
Shot In The Dark: “Semi-Fascists” Vs. Not-Semi-At-All Authoritarian, Part III, “Semi-Fascists” Vs. Not-Semi-At-All Authoritarian, Part II, and Great Moments In Feminism
STUMP: U.S. life expectancy fell almost 1 year (again) in 2021 – what does that mean?
The Political Hat: Transgenderism is Magic
This Ain’t Hell: Biden lies about AR-15s. Again, This is how we judge their sincerity, and Leftist undercover operations are as bad as their memes
Victory Girls: “Dissent is Fascism” — Latest Democrat Mantra
Volokh Conspiracy: Not Everything Bad is “Anti-Democratic” – and that which is Democratic isn’t Always Good
Watts Up With That: Oops: Alaskan Electric Buses Run Out of Power in Winter
Weasel Zippers: Palin Loses Special Election In Alaska, US Air Force: Stop Using Gendered Language, It Increases Your Lethality, Biden Press Sec: “MAGA Agenda” Is “One Of The Most Extreme Agendas That We Have Seen”, and Video Shows Angry Feminist Get The Sh*t Smacked Out Of Her By Cop Who Isn’t Having Any Of Her Sh*t
The Federalist: McConnell Sounds Like He Wants To Abandon A Ship Rick Scott Wants To Captain, Bombshell Emails Show The Biden Administration Colluded With Big Tech To Censor Covid ‘Misinformation’Amid A Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis, California Gives Its Last Nuclear Power Plant A Five-Year Extension, How Senator Biden Helped Create The Student Debt Crisis President Biden Is Pretending To Fix, and Pope Francis Ushers In Radical Environmentalism Under The Guise Of ‘Catholic Teaching’
Mark Steyn: Crimes That Shame a Nation, also, Vindicated Conspiracy Theorists

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