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In The Mailbox: 10.06.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

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A Bad American: Nobody F***s With A Biden
357 Magnum:  The Criminal Justice System in Chicago Is Broken
EBL: Morbius, also, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) to Resign
Twitchy: @mkhammer Compares Her CNN Suspension To Jeffrey Toobin’s, No Apology From Dana Loesch For Calling Sluts “Skanks”, and “The South Is Everywhere Now, And So Are Its Worst Political Pathologies”
Louder With Crowder: Mom dresses like drag queen at school board meeting to make point about what’s appropriate for kids, also, Doocy delivers savage fatality to POTUS over cringe ‘no one f***s with a Biden’ line
Vox Popoli: Trust the Grandmaster, Literally Thoughtless, A Vast and Silent Emptiness, and The Need for Gun Control

American Conservative: Being Happy And Making Plans In Budapest, also, Our Strangelovian National Security Class
American Greatness: An Epidemic of Cognitive Impairment?, also, Federal Appeals Court Rules DACA to be Illegal
American Power: Young and Homeless in Rural America
American Thinker: The Collectivist War on the Middle Class, also, Why Build There?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Hand-Count News
Babalu Blog: Government official says Cuba faces a famine, Inflation rate in Cuba soars to 208%, dollar exchange rate climbs to 200 pesos, and The hurricane that continues to batter Cuba
BattleSwarm: Multiple Russian Fronts Collapsing, also, Los Fabricantes De Armas Que Es Más Macho Estados Unidos Mexicanos
Behind The Black: Important Roscosmos official endorses continuing cooperation with US in space, Satellite about to burn up because Sherpa orbital tug has done nothing, Another “What the heck?” formation on Mars, and Pushback: Because of Yale Law School’s enthusiasm for blacklisting, more than a dozen judges now refuse to hire its graduates
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: Why do Democrats hate women and children so much?, Some Sound Advice for Billy Eichner, and Novena to St. Matthew for the FBI Agents involved in the Mark Houck Arrest: Day 9 Don Surber on Substack for the Finale
Don Surber: Variety says DeSantis beat Disney, also, Biden turns gold into lead
First Street Journal: This year’s “October surprise”
Gates Of Vienna: When the Vax Goes to Your Head, Trump’s Turkish Problem, Five Chilling Ways The Nuclear Bogeyman Can Frighten You, and Do You Disagree? Then You’re a Threat to Democracy!
The Geller Report: 60% of Third Grade Schoolkids Can’t Read, But the Democrats are Cramming Pedo/Trans/Porn Down Their Throats, also, Federal Appeals Court Rules DACA is Illegal, Dealing Major Blow to Democrat Destroyers
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Europa Was Ready For Its Closeup, and Lane Discipline
Hollywood In Toto: The Visitor Brings New Meaning to Downer Horror, also, Amsterdam Can’t Get Out of Its Own Way
The Lid: It’s Not Over: Tony Bobulinski Accuses Biden Inc. Of Fraud — Brings The Receipts
Legal Insurrection: U.S. Facing Butter Shortage Ahead of Holiday Season, Vice Chair of Treasury Department’s New ‘Racial Equity Committee’ Wants to Defund Police and ‘Reimagine’ Capitalism, DOJ Charging Pro-Life Activists for Blocking Abortion Clinic But Ignores Pro-Abortion Vandals, and Anti-Fossil Fuel Biden Admin in Midterm Elections Panic as OPEC Cuts Production
Nebraska Energy Observer: Taking a page
Outkick: Texas A&M Fan Suggests On Live TV That Hiring A Hit Man To Kill Jimbo Fisher Is Cheaper Than Buying Out His Contract, Here’s How Many Followers Athletes Could Lose With Musk-Twitter Sale, Brittney Griner’s Wife Says Griner Is A ‘Hostage’ In Russia, Awkwardly Compares Situation To A Movie, and ESPN Re-Signs Failed TV And Radio Host Bomani Jones
Power Line: Coming Soon: Polygamy, The Daily Chart: BLM on Crime, and Bobulinski against the machine
Shark Tank: Demings Claims U.S. Doesn’t Have Open Borders
Shot In The Dark: The Show Suit, Roll Model, and “It’s Easier To Get A Gun Than A Fresh Apple”
STUMP: On COVID (and all-cause) mortality and Political Affiliation Studies (plus a geeking-out, know-your-data coda)
The Political Hat: The Gender Clinic-Educational Complex, also, Killer Kanada: Killing A Myriad A Year; Killing The Undignified; Killing The Mentally Ill
This Ain’t Hell: GOP Candidate Under Fire for a Claim He Was Under Fire, also, Americans experience most severe pay cut in a quarter of a century
Victory Girls: Salon Gets Trump Supporters Wrong Yet Again, also, Hunter Biden: Will Tax And Gun Charges Happen?
Volokh Conspiracy: Sometimes the Conspiracy Theorists Might Have Something of a Point: The Konnech Controversy
Watts Up With That: Carbon Offsets: Want to Get Sued? (Greenwashing as Illegality), also, The Penetration Problem. Part I: Wind and Solar – The More You Do, The Harder It Gets
Weasel Zippers: Portland Coffee Shop Attacked By Masked Vandals For Hosting Pro-Police Event, Dem Rep. Cori Bush: “Absolutely” Stand By “Defund The Police”, Dem Rep. Ilhan Omar Refuses Question Whether There’s A Rise In Crime, and Report: 66 Abortion Clinics Have Stopped Performing Abortions Since Overturn Of Roe
The Federalist: Wisconsin Judge Rules That Electors Cannot Change Ballots After Voting, Kanye’s Artsy ‘White Lives Matter’ Display Invites People To Reject Groupthink, And The Left Hates It, Twitter Ramps Up Election Meddling Ahead Of Midterms With Fake Fact-Checking Program Expansion, and What Are Democrats Worried About Poll Watchers Trying To Hide?
Mark Steyn: Reign Stops Play, also, The Progressive Jewsplaining of Antisemitism

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