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In The Mailbox: 11.30.22

Posted on | December 1, 2022 | 2 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

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Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Video #1217 – Nyctophilia Edition
357 Magnum: California Turns Pedophiles Free After One Year
EBL: USA Defeats Iran At World Cup, also, Christine McVie, RIP
Twitchy: Klaus Schwab Is In DC, And People Have Thoughts, also, IRONY – Fauxcahontas Doesn’t Think Elon Musk Should Be Deciding Who Gets Heard On Twitter And Who Doesn’t
Louder With Crowder: ‘They brought this on themselves’, also, Jim Carrey overacts in announcing he’s leaving Twitter… with a creepy cartoon about a lighthouse keeper
Vox Popoli: Dancing with Demons
Rumor Control: The Lost Art Of Discovering The Frontier

American Conservative: What’s The Matter With KU Law?
American Greatness: White Social Worker Sues Seattle for ‘Degrading and Racist’ CRT-Based Harassment, also, Twitter Ends COVID ‘Misinformation’ Policy
American Power: New York City Will Hospitalize Mentally Ill People Involuntarily, The Perpetually Irrational Ukraine Debate, and Crazy People Are Dangerous (and They’re Working for the Biden Administration)
American Thinker: Here’s How They Did it: Real-time Election Fraud
Animal Magnetism: Vacation Totty III
Babalu Blog: Cuban American Yankees pitcher Nestor Cortes to play for Team USA in World Baseball Classic, The only regime in Latin American history that murders those who try to escape it, and We remember Hall of Famer Orestes Miñoso
BattleSwarm: Hiroshi Miyamura, RIP
Behind The Black: Red China launches milsats using Long March 2D, Red China completes construction of world’s largest solar radio telescope array, NASA awards construction company $57 million development contract for lunar construction, and Musk’s success vs Trump’s failure
Cafe Hayek: There Is On Earth No ‘Natural Carrying Capacity’ for Humans, also, To Have A Comparative Advantage At Supplying X Is Necessarily to Have A Comparative Disadvantage At Supplying Y
CDR Salamander: Keeping an Eye on the Long Game: Part XCV
Chicago Boyz: The Fear of Elon Musk
Da Tech Guy:  God, Mammon, & Apple
Don Surber:  McCarthy couldn’t lead flies to a pile of manure, also, CNN: Merry Christmas. You’re laid off!
First Street Journal:  Let ’em loose Larry Krasner doesn’t like it when police officers aren’t in jail, also, For Jennifer Rubin, black lives really don’t matter
Gates Of Vienna: “Completely Ignoring Science and Medicine”, also, “You Will See That Russia Can’t Lose”
The Geller Report: Elon Musk Releases Twitter Transparency Reports Detailing Account Bans and Speech Suppression, CDC Withheld Data on Fatal Reaction to COVID Vaccine From Post-Vax Surveys for Nearly Two Years, and EU Threatens Musk With Twitter Ban
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, RCW 36, and Learn to Weld
Hollywood In Toto:  Chrissie Mayr Mulls YouTube Lawsuit Over Content Strike, Violent Night Delivers on Its Blood-Splattered Premise, and Adam Yenser Sees Signs of Cancel Culture’s Retreat
The Lid: How Biden Froze The Abraham Accords
Legal Insurrection: Black Community Activists Support Legal Insurrection’s Challenge To Providence School’s Anti-White Hiring Incentives, House Republicans Target Pentagon Funding Over Its ‘Woke’ Policies, Political Priorities, House Democrats Choose Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries to be Minority Leader, and Biden Slammed by Railroad Union Members for Asking Congress to Prevent Strike
Nebraska Energy Observer: Thanksgiving Weekend
Outkick: Ciara Throws Russell Wilson A Birthday Party, Only Half Of The Broncos Reportedly Show Up, Powerful Video Shows Antonee Robinson Cry Tears Of Joy Inside USMNT Locker Room After Win Over Iran, An FBS College Football Team Is Reportedly Hiring Trent Dilfer, USWNT Receives Historic Payday Thanks To USMNT Win Over Iran, and Donna D’Errico Gift Wrapped In Holiday Lingerie
Power Line: Europe’s Downward Energy Spiral, Sam Brinton: What “they” said, and The Daily Chart: The Musk Effect
Shark Tank: GOP Senators Demand Vote On Ending Military Jab Mandate
Shot In The Dark: A Tale Of Two Stories From The MSP Baggage Claim, Bogarted, Let Them Eat Lima Beans, and If At First You Don’t Gut The Fifth Amendment, Try, Try Again
The Political Hat: Modern Education Part III: Wokeness That Needs To Be Deprogrammed
This Ain’t Hell: DOE Nuke Waste Disposal chief in trouble, The Russian Army is preparing defensive positions on their side of Kherson Oblast, Marine veteran chugs beer straight from her prosthetic leg, Jeremy Dewitte arrested for probation violation, and Hiroshi Miyamura, MoH recipient, dies at 97
Transterrestrial Musings: Felony Murders, The Question That Fools Don’t Ask, The Sound Of Only Eleven Raptors, The Decline Of Higher Education, and Christine McVie
Victory Girls: Portland: Not All Shoplifters Booked Into Jail
Volokh Conspiracy: Russian Dissenters Fleeing Putin Often Face Abusive Immigration Detention Upon Arrival in the US, also, Israel’s Dangerous Government
Watts Up With That: Don’t Be So Sure That The Climate Extremists Have “Won”
Weasel Zippers: Don Lemon Claims CNN Was Never Liberal, Elon Musk: If Free Speech Is Lost, “Tyranny Is All That Lies Ahead”, GOP Sen. John Kennedy: Biden’s Energy Policy Looks Like Roadkill The Dog Dragged In, and Biden: “It’s Wrong” For States To Ban Castration & Mutilation Of Kids
The Federalist: Google Gives Millions To Boost Leftist Disinformation Peddlers Of Legacy Media, How The FDA’s Abortion Pill Mill Enables Domestic Abusers, GOP Senators To McConnell: Don’t Pass Democrats’ Spending Spree Before New Congress Has A Chance To Say No, The Balenciagas Of An Anti-Christian World ‘Condemn’ Child Abuse While Castrating, Traumatizing, And Exploiting Kids, and 13 GOP Senators Demand The Senate Bar Military Brass From Firing Service Members Over Covid Jab
Mark Steyn: So What?

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