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State of Emergency: Gov. Kemp Issues Order to Deal With Atlanta Rioters

Posted on | January 27, 2023 | 2 Comments

He’s ready to call up 1,000 National Guard troops:

In the wake of a shooting between Antifa terrorists and law enforcement at the site of a future public safety training facility and domestic terrorist activity in downtown Atlanta, Gov. Brian Kemp (R-Ga.) declared a 15-day state of emergency that allows him to call up the National Guard to deal with these out-of-town insurgents if need be.
Kemp wrote in his five-page executive order:

WHEREAS: In consultation with public safety officials and emergency preparedness officials, I have determined that the following actions are necessary and appropriate to protect public peace and provide for the safety and welfare of Georgia’s citizens, visitors, and property.
ORDERED: That because of unlawful assemblage, violence, overt threats of violence, disruption of the peace and tranquility of this state and danger existing to persons and property, a State of Emergency is declared in the State of Georgia.

The order comes as tensions could ratchet back up this weekend after five Memphis police officers face murder charges in the beating death of a suspect.
“The continued anti-police movement in Atlanta could also be further enflamed by the charging of five former Memphis police officers with second-degree murder and other crimes in the arrest and death of Tyre Nichols, a Black motorist who died three days after a traffic stop confrontation,” reports Fox 5. “Body camera video of the incident is expected to be released on Friday evening.”

(Hat-tip: Ed Driscoll at Instapundit.) The connection to the Memphis situation makes no sense. The five cops charged with killing Tyre Nichols? All of them are black. Where’s the “systemic racism” angle in that story? What are they protesting against? But some people just hate cops so much they’ll start a riot over a parking ticket, which is what the “activist” mob in Atlanta is all about — hating cops, period. As I explained previously (“THE ATLANTA RIOT: Out-of-State Anarchists Torch Police Vehicle”), the riot Saturday night was clearly pre-planned by the same left-wing scumbags who organized the so–called “peaceful protest.”

John Sexton at Hot Air examines how media reporting on the so-called “forest defenders” repeats the activists’ propaganda narrative, without even acknowledging the underlying myth of this “forest.” Google the term “Weelaunee Forest” and you’ll get about 20,000 results, none of which date prior to 2021; that’s because this term was invented by the activists to create the impression of a pristine indigenous wilderness, e.g.:

“Forests are the lungs of planet Earth,” Defend the Forest stated. “The destruction of forests affects all of us. So do the gentrification and police violence that the bulldozing of Weelaunee Forest would facilitate.” . . .
As explained by Defend the Forest, thousands of years ago, the Weelaunee Forest was stewarded by the Muscogee (Creek) people, but it was stolen from them over the course of centuries “through genocide and dispossession.”

As previously explained (“Dear Antifa Terrorists: Please Go to Georgia, So Cops Can Kill All of You”), the proposed 85-acre site of the Atlanta police training facility is part of a larger 300-plus-acre property that, beginning in the 1920s, was the site of the Atlanta Prison Farm. The “forest” is just a lot of second-growth timber that sprung up in recent decades after the old Prison Farm was abandoned. And there’s so much more to be said about this activist/media propaganda mythology:

If there is another riot in Atlanta, much of the responsibility will belong to the media, because of their idiotic repetition of the activist propaganda narrative. The belief that these “forest defenders” are protecting some kind of sacred indigenous territory is false and ultimately dangerous.




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