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‘A Very Minuscule Number’

Posted on | February 2, 2023 | 2 Comments

Shamann Walton was first elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 2018 from District 10, the voting-age population of which is about 42% Asian, 21% white, 19% black and 15% Hispanic. After being reelected as supervisor in 2020, Walton was chosen by his fellow members of the Board of Supervisors to be president of the board, a position which has often been a springboard to even higher office (e.g., Sen. Dianne Feinstein was previously president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors). Walton is therefore not a fringe figure in California politics, but rather represents the mainstream of politics in the highly influential city of San Francisco. Which makes this extra-scary:

A San Francisco advisory committee’s recommendation that the city pay out hefty reparations to the city’s longtime black residents does not go far enough toward making things right, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors told National Review on Tuesday.
Supervisor Shamann Walton, who wrote the legislation that formed the committee two years ago, said that the proposed $5 million payment per qualifying person is actually “much less than a lot of the projections that people say black people should receive for reparations here in the United States.”
“You can Google a lot of the reparations work that has been done and look at the monetary formulas that people have put together and most certainly the 5 million is a very minuscule number compared to a lot of research that has been done over the past couple of decades, quite frankly,” said Walton, who has represented the city’s 10th district since 2019 and previously served as board president.

If anyone offered to give me $5 million, I “most certainly” would not deride this as “minuscule.” But without regard to the amount, the whole idea of reparations is absurd, as Jazz Shaw comments what is being proposed “would be a payment funded entirely by people who have never owned slaves to people who have never been enslaved in a state where slavery was never legal.” Will other minorities, including recent immigrants, be taxed to make payments to black Californians? Hispanics are 40% of California’s population, Asians are 16%, and nearly 30% of California residents were born in foreign countries. On what theory of “social justice” is their obligation to pay reparations to be calculated?

That any such scheme is unworkable as a practical matter does not mean that it is not a mainstream idea in California, which has become a gigantic lunatic asylum under statewide Democratic Party rule. A state that elects Adam Schiff to Congress is a state where no idea is too crazy to be “mainstream.” Have you heard about “The Train to Nowhere”?

In a 2008 referendum, “California voters . . . authorized $9.5 billion in bonds for the planned 800-mile project set to operate [high-speed rail] between San Francisco and Los Angeles.” But now the projected cost has ballooned, while the proposal has been reduced to a “171-mile segment from Merced to Bakersfield” — because so many people in Merced are in a big hurry to get to Bakersfield, right? — that would cost $22 billion to complete, and the state doesn’t have that much, either. California’s most recent annual budget is about $300 billion, which includes about $4 billion for the Merced-Bakersfield high-speed rail line.

So, in a state currently spending more than a million dollars a day to build this “Train to Nowhere,” you can’t dismiss California’s talk about reparations as a joke, because California is a place where political jokes have a way of becoming catastrophic realities. And it’s only going to get crazier, because any California resident who is not crazy is going to get the hell out of there pretty soon, until there is nobody left in California except lunatics (e.g., the people who elected Adam Schiff).




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