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In The Mailbox: 02.01.23

Posted on | February 2, 2023 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Thanks to everyone who bought stuff through my Amazon links in January!
Silicon Valley delenda est.

All I wanted was a Pepsi, Mom…

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box Episode#1980
357 Magnum: This Isn’t Just About Criminal Justice Reform
EBL: Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster, also, Everything Everywhere All At Once
Twitchy: Enjoy This Video Of A Car Not Stopping For Highway Protesters, Young Trans Woman Learns Her Breast Tenderness & Cramps Are PMS Symptoms, and WaPo Journo Claims Chip Roy’s Comments About Fentanyl Aren’t True – His Office Responds
Louder With Crowder: Canadian politician demands his country denounce Tucker Carlson for making a joke about Canada, also, Melinda Gates sheds major doubt on Bill Gates’s claim he ‘just had dinner’ with Jeffrey Epstein
Vox Popoli: Post-Partum Abortion, also, The Saker Closes Shop
Stoic Observations: Social Justice, Moral Agency, & American Posers

Adam Piggott: AI me harder, daddy
American Conservative: The Hot Air and Space Museum
American Greatness: Jim Jordan Says Crisis at the Border is ‘Intentional;’ Articles of Impeachment Filed Against DHS Chief Mayorkas
American Thinker: The Real Lessons of the Real History of The United States and post-Glasnost Ukraine, also, Child Abuse in the Name of Wokeness
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Political prisoners from Cuba’s July 11 protests being held in inhumane conditions, Cuba, prostituted, between London and Moscow, and Mayhem at Cuba’s London trial as its final day approaches
BattleSwarm: The Flying Yeet of Death
Behind The Black: Ingenuity successfully completes 41st flight, Astronomers discover twelve more Jupiter moons, Is Amazon’s Kuiper Constellation project in trouble, or is it fleeing Seattle?, Pushback: Student appeals conviction for distributing Constitution on public campus, and The February 2023 Behind the Black fund-raising campaign
Cafe Hayek: More From Konstantin Kisin On the Idiocy and Dangers of Wokism
CDR Salamander: Eastern Europe’s Second Chance
Da Tech Guy: The NY Times reports Fighting Back Works!
Don Surber: Tinfoil Hat Media
First Street Journal: The Philadelphia Inquirer really, really, really hates the police!, also, Killadelphia: Not as bad as last year!
Gates Of Vienna: Imad Karim: “A Society That Has Forgotten How to Defend Itself”
The Geller Report: Hunter Biden’s MetaBIOta Labs Received Tens of Millions of Dollars in DOD Contracts, Experimented with Bat Viruses
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Tonight’s Sky, February, 2023, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Anthony Jeselnik – ‘I Don’t Have Sympathy’ for Canceled Chappelle, also, Knock at the Cabin Is What Shyamalan Rarely Delivers
The Lid: Feb. 3, 1959: The Day The Music Died
Legal Insurrection: California’s Reparations Panel Now Calling for Prisons to be Closed and Privileges Restored, DEI, Social Justice Course Requirements Coming to SUNY in Fall of 2023, Progressives Label Bill Maher ‘Right Wing’ After CNN Adds Him to Friday Night Programming, College Board Bends The Knee To DeSantis, and It’s Finally Over: U.S. Slated to End Covid Emergency Declarations on May 11
Nebraska Energy Observer: America’s Untaught History
Outkick: Wife Of 49ers Player Says She Didn’t Feel Safe Around Eagles Fans, Mike Francesa: Tom Brady Isn’t Even The Best Regular Season Or Super Bowl QB, Women On Social Media Are Beside Themselves Because Joe Burrow Won’t Be Playing In The Super Bowl, Former Tennessee QB Hendon Hooker’s Goal Of Making Senior Bowl Comes True, Recovery Has Been ‘Flawless’, and ESPN Puts Aside Tom Brady Retirement To Promote Random WNBA News On Front Page Of Website
Power Line: Let’s go crazy, Star Tribune edition, A Balanced View of the Tyre Nichols Case, and ChatGPT: Initial Thoughts [Updated]
Shark Tank: Rep. Maria Salazar – Cubans “Throwing Themselves To The Sharks” To Find Freedom In Florida
Shot In The Dark: The Bullied Pulpit, also, A Time For Choosing
This Ain’t Hell: Unvaccinated? No problem… just ring bell, yell “unclean!”, also, Retired Marines criticize changes intended to reshape the U.S. Marines for China threat
Transterrestrial Musings: I’m Sorry, Dave, But I Can’t Do That, Woke Academics, LEO Satellites, and NASA’s Safety Culture
Victory Girls: From The VG Bookshelf: In Defense Of the Second Amendment, also, Hunter The Pig Paid An Employee For Sex
Volokh Conspiracy: Today in Supreme Court History: February 1, 1816
Watts Up With That: Elite Billionaire Foundations Fund Wave of Green Climate Propaganda Flooding into British Schools
Weasel Zippers: WH Still Has No Clue Exactly How Many Classified Docs Were Found On Biden Properties, Texas To To Accelerate Border Wall Construction To Make State “Least Desirable Place For Illegal Immigration”, and Biden DHS Chief Has No Idea Where And Who The 1.1 Million “Gotaways” Are
The Federalist: Twitter, Media, And Democrats Are All Guilty In The Hamilton 68 Scandal, Senate Republicans Demand Answers From DirecTV For Nuking Newsmax, State Lawmakers Should Follow The RNC’s Lead And Reject Ranked-Choice Voting, Our Big Tech Overlords Yanked Yet Another Covid Video We Apparently Can’t Handle, and House Republicans Pledge To Protect Women’s Sports In Event Honoring National Girls And Women In Sports Day
Mark Steyn: The Pandemic Era

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