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Death of a ‘Sovereign Citizen’

Posted on | March 11, 2023 | Comments Off on Death of a ‘Sovereign Citizen’

Chase Allen, shortly before his predictable death

How many times do I have to repeat myself? I keep saying Crazy People Are Dangerous and yet, despite my warnings, the craziness continues.

The SPLC refers to the “Sovereign Citizens Movement,” but since when is psychosis a political agenda? Nevertheless, I’ll quote the SPLC:

The contemporary sovereign belief system is based on a decades-old conspiracy theory. Sovereigns believe that the American government set up by the founding fathers, under a common-law legal system, was secretly replaced. They think the replacement government swapped common law for admiralty law, which is the law of the sea and international commerce.
Some sovereigns believe this perfidious change occurred during the Civil War, while others blame the events of 1933, when the U.S. abandoned the gold standard. Either way, they stake their lives and livelihoods on the idea that U.S. judges and lawyers, who they believe are foreign agents, know about this hidden government takeover but argue against it, denying the sovereigns’ motions and filings out of treasonous loyalty to hidden and malevolent government forces.

These people are daft, deranged, demented, berserk, bonkers, off their rockers, a few fries short of a Happy Meal and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

“Sovereign citizen ideology . . . experienced a resurgence in popularity during the pandemic,” it is claimed, and as to why this “resurgence” happened, probably it’s because emotionally vulnerable people had lots of spare time and started binge-watching YouTube videos by kooks who told them, “Naw, you don’t need no driver’s license! Don’t need none of them tags on your truck, neither! It’s the global elites trying to control you with their so-called ‘traffic laws’!” This is what it always seems to come down to — cops pull over a guy with a bogus tag on his car, and the guy claims he doesn’t have to answer any questions, etc.

Why traffic laws? Answer me this question. Of all the legislation on the books to which anyone might conceivably object, why is it that these “sovereign citizens” decide they’re going to rebel against allegedly corrupt authorities by disregarding traffic laws? Could the craziness of this “movement” be any more self-evident? I don’t think so.

This is what Chase Allan of Farmington, Utah, looked like before he got all wacko with this “sovereign citizen” nonsense, which led directly to his death last week:

Allan, 25, was pulled over in the parking lot of the Farmington post office March 1 after an officer noticed an illegitimate license plate on the back of his car, which was not registered. At the time, it was considered a routine traffic stop, Farmington police Chief Eric Johnsen has said.
In the body camera footage released during a police news conference Wednesday, Allan can be heard telling the officer who approaches his car, “I don’t need registration and I don’t answer questions.” The officer then called for backup, and four more officers headed to the scene.
Police have said Allan initially refused to provide any identification to the officer and “asserted his independence from the laws of the land.”
In the footage, Allan can be heard saying he is “not giving [the officer] jurisdiction” over him, adding that the officer is not allowed to stop him. Allan can be seen holding up his phone during the traffic stop, appearing to record the officer as they interact.
The body camera footage shows Allan eventually hand the officer his passport, but he does not provide a driver license. After backup arrives at the scene, an officer orders Allan to step out of the vehicle, but he refuses, stating that he is “not required to.”
As police again order Allan to step out of the car, Allan can be heard saying, “If you try and force me, then we’re going to have an issue.”
“If you don’t step out of the car, then we’re going to break the window and pull you out,” an officer can be heard replying.
Seconds after that reply, officers appear to force Allan’s driver’s side door open, the footage shows. Almost immediately, as an officer leans over Allan, an officer can be heard shouting that Allan has a gun.
A barrage of gunfire can then be heard in the footage, as officers open fire for about five seconds while simultaneously stepping away from the vehicle, the footage shows.

You can click here to watch the whole video. I sent it to one of my sons in a text message, saying the “sovereign citizen” died in a hail of gunfire — as they all should. Which is both (a) my habitual sarcasm, but also (b) actually true. I mean, if armed kooks are going to drive around with no tags on their cars and start trouble whenever the cops pull them over, this craziness is basically self-inflicted genocide. And guess what?


White people getting shot by cops? Nobody cares. Ben Crump ain’t going to show up and “demand justice.” You’re white, you f**ked with the cops, now you’re dead, and nobody cares. This idiot Chase Allan is every bit as dead as George Floyd, but white people aren’t tearing down statues or smashing windows downtown. CNN’s not going 24/7 with updates on the story. Joe Biden isn’t commenting. None of the things are happening that would have happened if Chase Allan was black. There’s some kind of lesson here, and what is that lesson? Crazy People Are Dangerous




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