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In The Mailbox: 03.31.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

“They hath disgraced me, and hindered me half a million; laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated mine enemies; and what’s their reason?”

EBL: Beria Bragg, also, Gwyneth Paltrow Wins in Utah Ski Crash Trial
Twitchy: Sen. Fetterman Released From Hospital After Recovering From Being Healthy, Stephen King Shaming Trump Defenders Because “He Cheated On His Wife” Ends Badly, and NWS Weighs In On #TransDayOfVisibility And The Forecast Calls For Ratios
Louder With Crowder: Father obliterates school board over daughter’s in-class assignment about who she would do…and in what orifice, Girls sports advocate Riley Gaines stumps scientist on basic biology, crowd laughs as he pulls ‘Ph.D’ card, and Nancy Pelosi gets fact-checked into oblivion over ignorant Trump indictment tweet
Vox Popoli: Finland Joins NATO, also, He’s Not Wrong
According To Hoyt: A Weary Morn, also, It’s Memerific
Monster Hunter Nation: WriterDojo S4 E12 – On Location, also, ID2A Review
Stoic Observations: The Coming Crisis

Adam Piggott: The Greasy Pole #27 – The Anti-Semite episode
American Conservative: Public Sector Unions Threaten Our Fiscal Future, also, The Professionals
American Greatness: The Democrats’ Road to Hell, Left-Wing Violence Chic, Tennessee State Troopers Prevent Far-Left Radicals from Storming State Capitol, and Biden White House Remains Silent on Trump Indictment
American Power: Brandon Sanderson’s Fantasy Empire, Twitter’s Transgender Ideology Problem, and You Can’t Cancel Me, I Quit
American Thinker: Diversity Executives – The U.S. Version of Soviet Political Commissars, also, Christopher Wray and the Politicization of the FBI
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Welfare State Friday
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship certifies its own farce election, Solidarity vs. Disparaging the flag in communist Cuba, Reports from Cuba: What it’s like to live in a medical superpower, and Father Alberto Reyes dares to challenge the ‘great lie’ of Cuba’s dictatorship
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for March 31
Behind The Black: Two launches by Red China, Spain’s government officially establishes a Spanish space agency, and Sponge terrain on Mars
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Trump is indicted
Da Tech Guy: It’s During Weeks like this when I get Christ’s Admonition about “Loving Your Enemies” the most
Don Surber: Banning The Truth
Gates Of Vienna: Culture-Enriching Terror Plot Foiled in Flanders, also, Enricher vs. Enricher Knife-Play in Padua
The Geller Report: Xi Jinping Says He Is Preparing Red China for War, also, Fox News Poll: Trump’s lead grows in GOP primary race, now over 50% support
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Earendel, and Fisking a Tweet
Hollywood In Toto: Joe Rogan Was Right – W.H.O. Backs Podcaster Over Vaccine Advice
The Lid: Moses, The Prophet Who Got Cheated
Legal Insurrection: ‘This is Political Persecution and Election Interference at the Highest Level in History’, A Significant Tornado Outbreak Sweeps through South and Midwest, Arizona Democrats Sue to Keep Spoiler ‘No Labels’ Candidate Off 2024 Ballot, Trans Activists Storm Florida Capitol Building Over Bill Banning Teaching Sex Orientation, Gender Identity From PreK-8, and Yes, It’s Okay To Point Out That Alvin Bragg Was “Soros-Backed”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Scattershot Friday
Outkick: LeBron James Won’t Pay For Blue Twitter Checkmark , Angels Infielder Anthony Rendon Grabs Athletics Fan, Swings And Misses, In Video Posted To Twitter, Larry Bird Felt Disrespected Pistons Used White Players To Guard Him, Says Isiah Thomas, Dodgers Fan Gets Pummeled Mid-Proposal By Stadium Security, and Colin Cowherd Roasts Will Levis For Posting Muscle Pictures
Power Line: How to Handle a Senate Demagogue, Tied Up In Knots, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Florida CFO Patronis Targets ESG Standards
Shot In The Dark: Our Semi-Constitutional Monarchy, #Unexpectedly, and Sticking It To The Man
STUMP: These are a few of my favorite graphs
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday – The Middle East Explosion and American Detente
This Ain’t Hell: Valor Friday, Nidal Hasan may face execution, The Russians will stop providing the US with advanced notices on nuclear capable missile tests, and DOD Education DEI* Unit Dissolved
Transterrestrial Musings: Virgin Orbit
Victory Girls: Transgenders Shaping The Soul Of Our Nation – Biden
Volokh Conspiracy: Douglass Mackey Convicted for Vote-by-Tweet Meme
Watts Up With That: More Nonsense About Greenland, Fossil Fuels Still Dominate Security and Defense Needs, and Southern Labrador coastal landscape dominated by fat polar bears in March
Weasel Zippers: MSNBC Calls DeSantis An Anti-Semite For Saying Manhattan DA “Soros-Backed”, also, In Zambia, Kamala Harris Gives A Word Salad Definition Of “Agri-Tech”
The Federalist: Why Are Conservatives Talking About 2024 Instead Of The Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Next Week?, Trump Indictment Launches Era Of Police-State Politics In America, The Gaming Press Is A Sorry Tool For Wokescolds, Biden’s Department Of Defense Denies Drag Shows On Bases Even When Confronted With Undeniable Evidence, and Twitter Officially Joined The Censorship Regime When It Silenced ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ Reporting
Mark Steyn: The Indictment of a President

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