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Crazy Moms Are Dangerous

Posted on | April 22, 2023 | 1 Comment

Last month, I commented on this situation (“Hiding In Plain Sight: Jeanette Jennings and Transgender Munchausen by Proxy”) wherein the TV reality show personality known as “Jazz Jennings” was obviously being manipulated by his/“her” mother, Jeanette, in what was clearly a case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

This psychodrama has been playing out for eight years on the TLC series I Am Jazz, the first-season description of which reads:

Jazz Jennings is the typical 14-year-old girl in all ways but one — Jazz was assigned male at birth. Her supportive family accepted Jazz as a girl at a young age, but with her teenage years upon them, they’re in for a whole new set of challenges.

Question: What were the producers and network executives thinking? Did it occur to any of them that, in choosing a bizarre experiment as the subject of a “reality TV” program, they might make themselves liable for blame if the experiment went awry? And of course, it has gone awry, in ways that would be comical were it not for the essentially tragic nature of the case. There’s no need to list all the details of what has gone wrong with Jazz’s “transition,” but suffice it to say that there was a lack of foresight about the possible consequences of early dosages of so-called “puberty blockers,” which had the effect of making “gender affirming” surgery more complicated for Jazz and, as in the case of Canadian tranny Jessica Yaniv’s “gaping ax wound,” there were complications.

How many times do people need to be warned about such matters?

Never bet against The Gods of the Copybook Headings, as I’ve often said. There are reasons why proverbs of ancient wisdom are of continuing value, and people are apt to rediscover the enduring truth of these adages — often in brutal and disastrous ways — whenever they choose to ignore ancient wisdom. Speaking of which . . .

This is a Hebrew word (toebah or toevah) meaning “abomination,” which appears repeatedly in the Old Testament, perhaps most pertinently in Leviticus 18:22 and Deuteronomy 22:5. One doesn’t have to do too much Googling to see that pro-LGBT activists in recent years have piled up a veritable mountain of articles claiming that these verses do not really mean what they have been traditionally understood to mean. As someone who believes in religious liberty, this kind of stuff annoys me. If you don’t want to be Christian, fine — go be an idolatrous heathen, an atheist, a hedonist, a Communist, whatever. But don’t presume to tell me that God condones your favorite kinkiness, when there are thousands of years of tradition contradicting your self-serving claim. Nowadays we have a crowd of self-identified “experts” who presume themselves qualified to lecture us about Bronze Age customs of the ancient Near East which, they claim, show in cultural context that Jews and Christians have spent centuries misunderstanding these Bible texts, and if you’re inclined to be persuaded by such “experts,” fine — you are free to go to hell in the time and manner of your own choosing. But stop lecturing me about it, as if I’m some ignorant child in need of your tutoring.

Excuse me for that digression in sermonizing, but my point remains: Never bet against The Gods of the Copybook Headings, because they’ve never been wrong yet, and my hunch is they’re going to maintain their undefeated record into perpetuity. As it applies to the case of Jazz Jennings, the producers and network executives responsible for this reality TV series evidently didn’t consider the factor of hubris when they decided to televise this particular medical experiment. What they apparently wished to do was to demonstrate how acceptance — the “supportive family accepted Jazz as a girl at a young age” — was the appropriate stance toward transgenderism, and they must have expected that the “whole new set of challenges” facing Jazz as a teenager would serve to validate that pro-acceptance message. Unfortunately for them (and for Jazz), the Gods of the Copybook Headings had other ideas, and among the “challenges” that emerged was one that the producers apparently failed to anticipate, namely that the “gender affirmation” surgery for Jazz would go badly awry. To date, Jazz has undergone four separate surgeries, as the licensed genital butchers have tried to correct complications arising from the first botched operation.

Here, I must state that the phrase “botched operation” is an expression of opinion, as I am merely a journalist, and am not qualified to judge cases of medical malpractice, although I do know enough about libel law to understand the importance of inserting this disclaimer. So if I use the phrase “modern-day Mengele” to describe the person who performed this surgery on Jazz, this expression of my personal opinion cannot be interpreted as defamatory, as a matter of law. Meanwhile . . .

Tim Pool took notice of scenes in recent episodes of I Am Jazz in which the mother of Jazz Jennings said things which, Tim says, ought to be enough to get her prosecuted for abuse:


For the sake of discretion, I’m not going to quote any of what Jazz Jennings’ mother said, and if readers don’t watch that video, they won’t understand the depths of insanity involved in this case, or why Tim Pool is demanding that authorities pursue a criminal investigation of this case. You might also want to read “Does Jazz Jennings Regret Transitioning?” in The American Spectator for more background. The point, however, is that Jazz Jennings is a victim of her crazy mother, who has too many problems in her life to worry about bringing a spurious libel suit against an honest journalist exercising his First Amendment right to express his personal opinion, as Bert the Samoan Lawyer might say.

In the matter of First Amendment law, however, I am clearly within my rights to state as a fact that Crazy People Are Dangerous.




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