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Mauricio Garcia, Incel

Posted on | May 8, 2023 | Comments Off on Mauricio Garcia, Incel

When I wrote about the Allen outlet mall shooting yesterday, I noted that different mug shots of gunman were circulating via Twitter, but I wasn’t sure they were authentic. Turns out my doubts were justified. Somebody pointed out that the birthdate didn’t match, and so the Mauricio Garcia whose photo went viral Sunday was not the outlet mall shooter. The photo at top is the shooter, and it comes from a Russian-based website where Mauricio Garcia posted frequently. Jessica McBride at has all the details, including the fact that Garcia was an “incel” who admired Elliot Rodger. Of course, he also posted neo-Nazi stuff, which everyone in the mainstream media is feasting on, without evidently pausing to think: “What does that have to do with shooting people at a shopping mall?” If Garcia had attacked a synagogue, OK, yeah, we could see the neo-Nazi thing as an obvious motive, but just randomly shooting people at the mall? What’s so neo-Nazi about that?

And, of course, there’s the fact that Mauricio Garcia doesn’t exactly look like Heinrich Himmler’s ideal Aryan ubermensch. Garcia was a “white supremacist” in the same sense that Dylan Mulvaney is a “woman.” That is to say, it’s an identity chosen in the manner of someone choosing a cosplay character, or stealing someone else’s profile photo for a “catfishing” scheme, and so far I’ve seen zero evidence that Garcia ever engaged in any IRL association with other “white supremacists.” It was part of an online persona with no real-life relevance. What was much more relevant was that he was a chronically underemployed 30-something loser staying in a Budget Inn after he apparently got kicked out of his parents’ house, with no known friends, no romantic prospects and nothing better to do with his time than to plot an entirely senseless mass murder spree. Crazy People Are Dangerous.




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