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I, For One, Welcome Our New Anti-White Racist Asian Academic Overlords

Posted on | May 15, 2023 | Comments Off on I, For One, Welcome Our New Anti-White Racist Asian Academic Overlords

University of Virginia Professor Sylvia Chong

Professor Reynolds called attention to this story, which puts me in something of a dilemma: Do I really want to be against racism?

Having long ago earned my dot on the SPLC “hate map,” there’s a certain reputational risk if I were to complain too loudly about racism, because I’ve carefully staked out a position in defense of what I consider a basic liberty — your constitutional Right to Hate.

Understand that I am not pro-hate, per se. But if the First Amendment means anything, it means that the government cannot engage in coercion in matters of personal opinion. Our freedom of religion, for example, means that I am required to tolerate beliefs that I consider 100% wrong — Mormonism, for example. It is probably unnecessary for me to go into detail about just how wrong Mormonism is, but the point is I can’t prevent them from promulgating their errors and, if this tolerance must be extended to the deluded followers of that preposterous fraud Joseph Smith, then why make a fuss about the followers of Louis Farrakhan?

As an American, you are free to hate whoever you want, which means that I can’t stop Professor Sylvia Chong from hating crackers like me:

UVA prof casts doubt
on White and Asian people dating

A University of Virginia professor recently warned students about relationships between White and Asian people.
During a talk entitled “COVID-19: The Asian American Experience” sponsored by the University of Virginia’s Kappa Delta Phi and Sigma Psi Zeta sororities, professor Sylvia Chong discussed anti-Asian racism in the era of COVID-19, as student newspaper The Cavalier Daily reports.
Chong referred to an earlier talk at the University of Virginia that referenced the Page Act of 1875 — a bill which limited the migration of Chinese women into the United States.
“Even for white feminists, Asian American femininity is often something they contrast themselves against,” Chong commented to the university newspaper. “Perhaps they don’t always say this about Asian Americans, but they certainly denigrate and exoticize Asian women abroad as victims of their patriarchal societies, victims of capitalism, victims of poverty and war.”
Among other topics, Chong discussed the recent Atlanta spa shooting, in which several Asian-American women were murdered.
“How can we be Asian American females and access… the features of other forms of femininity such as sexual agency at the same time that we also then protect our rights against exploitation?” Chong asked students.
However, Chong moved onto the event’s implications for University of Virginia students’ interracial relationships — particularly, the relationships between White males and Asian females.
Chong reportedly referenced former “Home Alone” star Macaulay Culkin’s appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” during which he expressed excitement about having mixed-race babies with partner Brenda Song.
“It’s going to be adorable — a bunch of Sean Lennons running around the house, that’s what I’m looking for,” Culkin told Rogan.
“I’m not trying to [denigrate] anyone’s relationships, but how do you know that you’re in a relationship for who you are, rather than what someone imagines you to be?” asserted Chong in response. “Are you seeing me? Are you seeing the shadow of the Page Act? Are you seeing Miss Saigon with the college degree?”

Well, that’s rather tame stuff. Professor Chong seems to have been referencing “Yellow Fever” fetishism — the whole Geisha girl fantasy, the mystery of the exotic Orient kind of thing — and so what? You expect me, an SPLC-certified “white supremacist,” to be offended by this?

Nope, not gonna get worked up about that. On the other hand, something left out of that story, but reported by the UVA student paper:

One student asked Chong about her thoughts on whether the University is adequately supporting the APIDA [Asian Pacific Islander Desi American] community. In response, Chong announced that she would be part of a group going to talk to University President Jim Ryan on this issue. Her hope is to hire more professors specialized in Asian American studies, as she is one of five professors affiliated with the APAS program.
“I wish that race were not so tokenized so that people thought if you have one, you have enough,” she said. “I never think that hiring these kinds of professors is at the expense of other minorities — I think it should be at the expense of the majority.”


What you are saying is that university hiring is, and should be, done on a basis of racial quotas and that, in order to increase the quota of Asians in this zero-sum game, you’re going to eliminate jobs for white people.

Why in the world is everybody trying to make a thing about what Professor Chong said about interracial dating when — right there in the same story — you’ve got her telling the blunt truth about what “diversity” actually means on university campuses? See, this is where the line needs to be drawn. Instead of getting upset about someone saying something that could be interpreted as “racist” — who cares? not me — what we should be focusing on is the actual injustice of quota hiring, especially when such regimes are instituted and operated by government entities like state universities. The weird thing about Professor Chong’s remark is that Asian students are actually the ones being harmed most by racial quotas at elite universities, where “diversity” turns out to be merely a code word for favoritism toward black and Hispanic students. It seems she thinks she can deflect anti-Asian bias by encouraging other minorities to blame whitey, which is why she’s ax-grinding about an 1875 law that most people never heard of: “Oh, please don’t hate us for getting higher SAT scores — we’re victims of historic injustice, too!”

No, ma’am. Don’t think you can play that game as if we’re too dumb to see what you’re doing. Either the university is a meritocracy, or it’s not, and if you think you can split the difference, using wedge tactics to divide and conquer, you’re apt to learn a hard lesson about consequences. When that big Wheel o’ Karma turns, don’t come crying to me.

(Do I have to explain the Kent Brockman joke in the headline?)




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