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What ‘Diversity’ Really Means

Posted on | June 1, 2023 | Comments Off on What ‘Diversity’ Really Means

No matter how much the elite pretend otherwise:

A recruiter for the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force referred to white men looking to join the air force as “useless white male pilots,” according to emails obtained by several British media outlets.
The comments were reportedly made by Squadron Leader Andrew Harwin in an email discussing board placements for ushering recruits through training.
“I noted that the boards have recently been predominantly white male heavy. If we don’t have enough BAME [black, Asian and minority ethnic] and female to board then we need to make the decision to pause boarding and seek more BAME and female from the RAF,” Harwin, who worked at the Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre, reportedly wrote in a January 19, 2021, email.
“I don’t really need to see loads of useless white male pilots, let’s get as focused as possible, I am more than happy to reduce boarding if needed to have a balanced BAME/female/male board,” he added.
One RAF source told The Telegraph that the “email clearly demonstrates the endemic culture that was created by the senior leadership to chase ridiculous diversity statistics that were patently unachievable.”
A later email from January 19, 2021, said that the recruiting pool for minorities and women had been “drained.”
“From 336 Cs [candidates] we have [about] 10% female, 5% BAME which we will burn through quickly using the boarding profile proposed,” the email said.
Thirty-one men will be compensated roughly $6,000 each as a result of their training being delayed due to diversity quotas, according to Sky News.

Where this anti-white “diversity” mania began, of course, is in higher education, where discrimination against white males has been more or less overt for the past 25 years. The admissions data that came out of the lawsuit Harvard showed that, year after year, 14% of the freshman class was black — demonstrating that a de facto numerical quota was in effect, otherwise some variation in the percentage would have been expected. Asian students sued because, it was equally obvious, no matter how clearly their superior academic aptitude was demonstrated by GPA and SAT scores, the number of Asian students admitted to Harvard was artificially “capped” at around 20% of the freshman class total. Expert testimony showed that an Asian student whose GPA/SAT gave him a 25% chance of being admitted to Harvard would have had a 95% chance, if he had been black. In other words, being black was worth at least four times as much as academic aptitude. And this type of blatant bias is now being replicated in corporate America (see “Google Lawsuit Exposes Stalinist Climate Protecting Anti-White, Anti-Male Bias,” Jan. 10, 2018).

That these discriminatory practices have now spread to other English-speaking countries, and are being enforced in military training, goes to show how wrong it is to laugh at the latest insane trends in academia. Once bad ideas take hold on college campuses, they usually seep out into the real world, often with disastrous consequences.




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