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CBS Evening News — !!! — Reports About Hunter Biden Influence Scandal Cover-Up

Posted on | June 29, 2023 | Comments Off on CBS Evening News — !!! — Reports About Hunter Biden Influence Scandal Cover-Up

“What was Hunter selling? What skill or expertise did this crack-addicted loser possess that might be worth $5 million to a Chinese ‘business partner’? The only thing Hunter Biden had to sell — his only marketable value — was his father’s political influence. Period, end of sentence.”
what I said on Saturday

Excuse me for quoting myself, but it’s important to keep our eyes on the ball here. This scandal is not really about Hunter Biden, it’s about Joe, because without Joe’s influence, Hunter had nothing to sell to the Chinese or Ukrainians or any other of his shady foreign clients.

This fact has been blindingly obvious to anyone with two eyes and a brain for so long that it’s not exactly bombshell investigative journalism, but the media were so intent on getting rid of Trump — Orange Man Bad! — that they were willing to pretend they didn’t see the same facts the rest of us saw. So now, with the Republicans controlling the House Oversight Committee, and the documentation of this scandal steadily drip, drip, dripping into public view, the media have belatedly decided, “Hey, you know what? Maybe this is a real story after all.”

Color us surprised aka damn near gobsmacked, when reporter Jim Axelrod earnestly and respectfully (!) interviewed IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley, allowing him to fully answer really good questions.
They gave the piece almost 3 whole minutes on the CBS Evening News broadcast [Tuesday] night…

The fact of the matter — again, obvious to everybody — is that Merrick Garland perjured himself when he testified to Congress that he didn’t interfere in this investigation, because of course he did. Probably what has stirred the media hornet’s nest, is that slap-on-the-wrist sweetheart plea deal Hunter got in his tax-and-gun case. Blatant favoritism like that simply can’t be ignored if, like the media is always telling us, they’re fighting to save Our Democracy. Hundreds of Trump supporters are languishing in federal prison because of the J6 riot, and the DOJ is just going to let Hunter Biden walk free? Really?

So finally this story is gaining traction with Big Media, and even the New York Times is doing some real reporting about this stinking pile of corruption otherwise known as the Biden administration.

Prediction: After Labor Day, House Republicans will vote to begin impeachment proceedings against Merrick Garland, and then . . . Well, we don’t know where it will end, but things are rolling along now.

As William Jacobson said on Dec. 18, 2019: “Democrats will rue the day they forced this impeachment through the House.”




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