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‘Joys of Progress’ Update

Posted on | July 23, 2023 | Comments Off on ‘Joys of Progress’ Update

Last month, I told you about former New Hampshire state legislator Barry Charles “Stacie-Marie” Laughton (“The Wonderful Joys of ‘Progress’”), a Democrat who had been charged with child pornography in a case involving his/“her” ex-girlfriend, Lindsay Groves.

There was a flurry of interest in the case this past week because the Department of Justice has released documents in the federal cases against Laughton and Groves and, as WMUR-TV warns, “Details in this story may be disturbing.” You can go read that, but the most “disturbing” aspect of the case is that Groves worked at a child daycare center, and sent naked photos of the children to Laughton, and the federal affidavit quotes text messages between these two creeps, e.g.:

Not even going to transcribe that. Feel slimy just posting the screencap. Everything about this case is weird, including how they got caught:

On June 20, 2023, the Nashua Police Department (NPD) responded to a report that LAUGHTON had shown child sexual abuse images to other adults. One adult (hereinafter,
PERSON 2) reported that on June 20, 2023, LAUGHTON disclosed that her former intimate partner, Lindsay GROVES, sent LAUGHTON inappropriate images of children.
According to PERSON 2, LAUGHTON then showed PERSON 2 three images, which were on LAUGHTON’s phone in a text conversation with a contact titled “Lindsay.” Upon
viewing the three images, PERSON 2 recognized them as children and that each image depicted a separate child. PERSON 2 described each image as depicting children with
their genitals exposed.
The responding NPD officer interviewed another adult (hereinafter, PERSON 3), who reported that on June 16, 2023, LAUGHTON disclosed that GROVES sent her inappropriate images of children. LAUGHTON then sent PERSON 3 four images of nude children by text message, which PERSON 3 deleted. During the interview on June 20, 2023, PERSON 3 was able to recover the images to provide them to the responding NPD officer. The officer observed that the images were of naked children and also observed a text, purportedly from LAUGHTON, that read, “I don’t like that I have these but I wanted to show you the proof. I am not a kid pervert.”
NPD detectives conducted a voluntary interview with PERSON 3 on that same date, June 20, 2023, at the Nashua Police Department. During the interview, PERSON 3 showed the four images to the detectives.

So, Laughton showed these images to two different people, and actually sent them via text message to one of them, like, “Hey, want to see evidence of the federal felonies that I’m involved in?”

BTW, Libs of TikTok is probably incorrect in saying that O’Rourke and Swalwell “campaigned” for Laughton. Almost certainly, the photos were taken at some post-event “grip-and-grin” session following local Democratic Party events in New Hampshire, which as the traditional first primary state gets a steady parade of national political figures showing up for fundraisers, etc. Still, the fact is that Democrats in New Hampshire twice elected Laughton to office, despite his/“her” obvious craziness.



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