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Rule 5 Monday: Public Benefactors

Posted on | August 8, 2023 | 1 Comment

— compiled by Wombat-socho

I have previously mentioned in these posts @kbdabear, who regularly posts a fair amount of Rule 5 pics on Twitter along with links to stuff at AOSHQ, but I should also mention @Rule5Texan. This week’s appetizer is from @kbdabear’s Swimsuit Sunday tweets.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

ANIMAL MAGNETISM: Rule 5 Lousy Mass Shooting Friday and the Saturday Gingermageddon.

EBL: Saturday Night Girls With Guns, Charlotte McKinney, TMFINR, Bella Thorne, Les Deplorables, MAGA Martyr, Knock At The Cabin, Swiss Miss Women, and Random Sunday TwitterX Rule 5

A VIEW FROM THE BEACH: Aarika WolfArchers and Hunters and Trump, Oh My!Fish Pic Friday – Lauren CantyThursday TanlinesTrump Indicted Again, Dems Float ‘Illusion’ of Influence Defense for BidenThe Wednesday WetnessTattoo TuesdayThe Monday Morning StimulusSome Random Celebrity News, and Palm Sunday

FLAPPR: T.I.T.S. For August 24

thanks to everyone for all the luscious links!

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