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Violence Against Women Update

Posted on | October 18, 2023 | Comments Off on Violence Against Women Update

Herman Brightman, a/k/a “Nazir Griffiths”

How many times do I have to repeat myself? Online dating is for losers. Ask yourself, who uses dating apps? People who can’t get a date with anyone who actually knows them in real life, that’s who. Merely by downloading a dating app, you’re making a statement about yourself, and it’s not a good statement, OK? Beyond the fact that the people on dating apps are all losers — if they were winners, they wouldn’t need the app, see? — some of them are actually dangerous. As I’ve said before, “Dating apps are a great way for women to meet violent sexual predators.” But hey, it’s not like there are any dangerous people in New York City:

An accused serial predator who met his victims on the popular dating app Hinge was behind bars Tuesday after threatening to carve up a terrified girlfriend with a knife in her Queens apartment.
Handcuffed defendant Herman Brightman, 30, was held with bail following his arraignment in Queens Criminal Court on a seven-count indictment. He is accused of menacing the 28-year-old woman during the chilling Aug. 7 attack following a quarrel at her home, authorities said as the defendant stood mutely in a beige sweatshirt and a COVID mask.
The 5-foot 9, 220-pound suspect, who also goes by the name Nazir Griffiths, climbed on top of the woman, poked her with the tip of his blade and placed his hands on her mouth before threatening her life, according to Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz. Brightman and his victim had met on Hinge months earlier, her office said.
“This defendant terrorized his girlfriend in her own home,” the prosecutor said in a statement. “Wielding a knife, he threatened to gut her, he threatened to kill her. She is fortunate to have escaped with her life.”
Brightman faces additional accusations of threatening two women in the Bronx and a third in New Jersey after contacting them through Hinge, with law enforcement sources saying the FBI was considering bringing charges against him.
In the August attack, Brightman allegedly asked his girlfriend which part of her body she wanted him to cut first before directing her to turn up music playing in the background and peering out a window to check for neighbors before stating his intention to kill her. The defendant taped her mouth shut, bound her wrists behind her back and ordered her to sit in a corner of the room, prosecutors said.
The attacker spent the next six days inside the apartment before the victim convinced him to leave, according to authorities. He initially faced only misdemeanor charges until the case was declared domestic violence, leading to new charges and the decision to call for his imprisonment, the DA’s office said.
The defendant asked for a chance to speak as Tuesday’s hearing wound down, but the judge rejected the request.
Though Brightman claims on his LinkedIn page to be a nurse practitioner at the prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, a hospital spokesman said they have never employed anyone by that name. Assistant District Attorney Marina Shew said the defendant had attempted to trespass at the hospital and also falsely claimed a job at Stony Brook University Hospital on Long Island. . . .
Before Brightman threatened to slash his girlfriend, he busted her computer monitor during an argument in her Queens Village apartment where he was staying after they began dating, sources said.
The fight escalated, with the defendant destroying her cell phone with a knife before threatening to butcher the woman and tying her up, they added.
The victim was eventually able to calm Brightman down and convince him to untie her, a source said. He broke down in tears at some point, the source added, and the victim was able to go to work.
Six days later, the source said, the victim told Brightman he had to leave the apartment because she had relatives coming to visit. The attacker complied, the source said, and the woman called him a short time later to end the relationship.
Brightman wasn’t done, the source said, and he asked another one of his victims, a 30-year-old Bronx woman, to call the Queens victim, apparently in an attempt to smooth things over.
But when the two women spoke, they bonded over their shared experiences with Brightman and decided to report him, the source said.
On Sept. 8, they each filed a report with the NYPD, with the Queens woman leaving to stay with relatives in Pennsylvania over fears of Brightman’s wrath, according to the source.
The Bronx woman was victimized on Sept. 6, according to court papers, in a confrontation in front of a Mott Haven building on Cypress Ave. in which he allegedly punched the woman in her arm and then grabbed her in a chokehold, one arm around her neck, the other covering her nose and mouth.
Two days later, Brightman attacked the same woman three blocks away, hurling an orange construction cone that struck her in the foot, court papers said. He then allegedly flung a 2-liter bottle of soda at her but she sidestepped it.
Brightman was arrested on Sept. 14 and charged with criminal obstruction of breathing, misdemeanor assault, harassment and weapons possession. Police tacked on a charge of obstructing governmental administration because he allegedly spit in an NYPD sergeant’s face as he was being placed in a holding cell.
He was released without bail and immediately rearrested for the Queens case. He was again released without bail because the charges, all misdemeanors, were not bail eligible, though he was ultimately indicted for second-degree kidnapping, a felony.
But while he was free, Brightman on Sept. 28 attacked another Bronx woman in her apartment on Metropolitan Ave. in the Parkchester section of the Bronx, authorities said.
“I’m going to show you who I truly am,” he said to the 29-year-old victim, according to court papers. “You think I am playing with you?”
When the victim tried to leave, he blocked the door and then threw a glass vinegar bottle at her, court papers stated. The woman retreated to her bedroom and locked the door. Brightman allegedly kicked it in, repeatedly punched her in the head and choked her until she lost consciousness, authorities said.
“Look at me,” he allegedly said before the victim blacked out. “I have nothing to lose. My dad is dying. We don’t work together anymore.”
The woman regained consciousness but the beating continued, the papers said, with Brightman yanking her to the ground by her hair.
“Kneel down,” he allegedly commanded. “You ever been beat before? This is a night you will never forget. You are not going to make it out alive tonight.” , , ,

So far as we know, he hasn’t killed anybody yet, but unless they put him behind bars, it’s probably just a matter of time. How did this monster keep getting arrested and released? Is this some kind of “criminal justice reform,” to turn loose violent predators? Meanwhile, feminists — who claim to care about “violence against women” — haven’t said a peep about Herman Brightman, for some reason . . .



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