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NYC Maniac Turned Loose So He Could Stab Two Girls in Grand Central Station

Posted on | December 28, 2023 | Comments Off on NYC Maniac Turned Loose So He Could Stab Two Girls in Grand Central Station

Gosh, if only there were some simple phrase to briefly summarize the public safety threat posed by the mentally ill:

The unhinged vagrant accused of randomly stabbing two teen tourists at Grand Central Station was a stalker who suffered from paranoid delusions and was in dire need of psychiatric help, his ex-girlfriend told The Post Wednesday.

(Kind of like Hillary Clinton, in some ways.)

Charisma Knight, 37, said onetime beau Steven Hutcherson allegedly threatened to kill her “at least five times” in the past year and became increasingly deranged after he refused to take his meds for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
“I called the police all the time and said ‘he’s bipolar and schizophrenic, ‘he needs help, he needs help.’ These people actually do need help. If you’re just letting them go… he might just kill somebody,” Knight said from her East Harlem apartment.

(If only there were some phrase . . .)

“He should have been in a mental institution where he cannot come out and they can monitor him taking his medication,” she added.
Knight and Hutcherson, 36, met in elementary school and dated for three months in 2021 and then again for nine months, until October 2022, she said. . . .
Her ex had a penchant for conspiracy theories, watching videos on YouTube about Malcolm X, wars and “how to train to fight with a knife,” Knight said.
“He swore the government was after him,” she said.

(Too bad they weren’t “after him.”)

“I knew this was gonna happen because if you look at his Facebook account with all the rants that he’s doing with the police, it’s crazy,” Knight added, referring to the Grand Central attack.
At one point, he thought mold growing in his bathroom was planted by the police, and also suspected a close friend of being an FBI informant, Knight recalled. . . .
Hutcherson was estranged from his mother but never recovered from her death some two decades ago — sparking a particular disdain for the holidays, Knight said.
She theorized that may have contributed to his alleged violent outburst on Christmas Day, when he is accused of stabbing the teen sisters, 14 and 16, in a French restaurant at the Grand Central dining concourse.
“He gets depressed around the holidays. Around October he starts thinking about his mom and thinking about how he has no one. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas he’s weird — extremely weird,” she said.
“Being that it was Christmas, it triggered something in him, whether he was mad that it was like a family setting that they were having and they was enjoying themselves,” she opined.

He was arrested in November, but the judge turned him loose:

Prosecutors wanted Steven Hutcherson, 36, to be committed to a psychiatric program for randomly threatening a stranger on a Bronx street last month, but Judge Matthew Grieco instead gave the career criminal a conditional discharge that put him back on the street, records show.
Less than two weeks after that Dec. 12 hearing, Hutcherson allegedly went off the rails at a restaurant in the historic Midtown terminal, launching into an anti-white rant and knifing a 14-year-old girl and her 16-year-old sister, visiting the city from Paraguay with their family.

Have I mentioned lately that Crazy People Are Dangerous?



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