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Super Thursday Thoughts: ‘Republican’ Nikki Haley’s ‘Presidential Campaign’ Was Actually a CIA Operation, and Is America Ready for the Angry Joe Biden Show?

Posted on | March 7, 2024 | 1 Comment

After the Super Tuesday primaries, my first thought was to mock California Democrats, so I missed the chance to mock Nikki Haley, so obviously I need to remedy my previous neglect of duty. CNN had ridiculously hyped Nikki Haley’s “presidential campaign,” which anyone with two eyes and a brain could see was doomed from the start.

If you went back to 2021 or 2022, a lot of conservatives — myself certainly included — felt like, “OK, time to move on. Who’s next?” There was no recent precedent for the kind of comeback effort that another Trump campaign would represent, and it seemed logical to think that some other candidate would be the GOP 2024 nominee. So a lot of us were ready to ride in the Ron DeSantis bandwagon, and when people started saying that Trump would run again in 2024, I was like, “You’re kidding me, right?” (Narrator: “They were not kidding.”)

I would have been fine with DeSantis, and when Vivek Ramaswamy threw his hat in the ring, I was impressed with what he had to say. Meanwhile, however, there were continued rumblings of a Trump comeback campaign, and once we started getting into the early campaign season in 2023, the polls kept showing the same basic result: Trump was somewhere around 45%, and everybody else was struggling to make it into double digits. Then, as the televised debates approached, Trump announced he would not participate in the debates and my reaction was, “You’re kidding me, right?” (Narrator: “Trump was not kidding.”)

And then? TRUMP’S NUMBERS KEPT RISING, even while his would-be rivals for the Republican nomination were getting free TV coverage in the debates. By late October 2023 — after the first two GOP debates — Trump was nearing 60% support from Republican primary voters in the Real Clear Politics average, more than 45 points ahead of his nearest competitor. Well, polls aren’t necessarily predictions, but then Trump won Iowa and New Hampshire, after which point the only other candidate in the field was Nikki Haley. After she got stomped in her home state of South Carolina, it was clearly time for her to quit, but she didn’t.

Why? Given that she had zero chance to win the Republican nomination, why did Nikki Haley keep campaigning? My answer: Because she wasn’t actually running for president. Her entire campaign was a charade, an elaborate psyop planned and controlled by the CIA. Maybe that’s just sarcastic hyperbole, but does anyone have a better explanation for why Haley kept “running for president” so long after it was plain as day that a majority of Republican primary voters had already chosen Trump?

You may scoff and say, “Stacy, you don’t have any proof that Nikki Haley is a puppet of the CIA.” True, but has she ever denied it?

Anyway, Super Tuesday was followed by Sad Wednesday on CNN, as the talking heads on the last-place cable news network started wargaming how to stop Trump, now that their Brave Republican Girl-Boss candidate had quit the primary race. Where would the “Nikki Haley voters” go in November? How could Joe Biden appeal to the “Nikki Haley voters”? These were questions that the CNN talking heads expected their audience to take seriously, and never mind that most of the “Nikki Haley voters” had voted for Joe Biden in 2020 anyway. It’s the same #NeverTrump crybabies we’ve been dealing with since 2015, and these so-called “Nikki Haley voters” are already factored into the poll numbers which, in case you haven’t noticed, JOE BIDEN IS LOSING.

Today CNN has completely forgot about Nikki Haley (because the CIA told them to forget about her), and have instead focused on What Joe Biden Needs to Say in His State of the Union Speech.

Any intelligent and reasonably objective observer watching CNN today could see that their “reporting” and “analysis” about Biden’s speech is actually partisan cheerleading — not just what they’re saying, but how they’re saying it, conveys the idea that they want Biden to give a great speech that will help him defeat the Evil Trump in November, and they expect their audience to feel the same way.

“He Oughta Fight Back”: The High-Wire Act of Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address
== Vanity Fair

Exclusive: Biden plans feisty economic reset

All the liberal media are saying the same thing: Biden’s task is to be feisty and combative — Angry Joe, the Fighting President!

Of course, like the “Nikki Haley presidential campaign,” this is entirely phony. It’s a theatrical performance, and the job of the media is to pretend that Biden “hit a home run,” delivering the Greatest State of the Union Speech in History. And unless it’s an abject disaster — Joe collapsing in an apoplectic fit, knocking himself unconscious as his skull smashes into the lectern — the story they’ll be “reporting” on CNN tomorrow will be how wonderful Joe’s speech was. All he has to do to get credit for a Historic Achievement is to remain conscious.

So of course I’m not going to watch the State of the Union speech, because I don’t have time for this particular CIA psyop.


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One Response to “Super Thursday Thoughts: ‘Republican’ Nikki Haley’s ‘Presidential Campaign’ Was Actually a CIA Operation, and Is America Ready for the Angry Joe Biden Show?”

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