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A Made-for-TV Travesty: Can You Guess Who Takes Stormy Daniels Seriously?

Posted on | May 9, 2024 | No Comments

One must be a connoisseur of media bias — or perhaps a glutton for punishment — to watch CNN, which I do (so you don’t have to). Do executives at the third-place cable news networks really think America craves wall-to-wall coverage of the sordid Stormy Daniels “hush money” trial inflicted upon Donald Trump by Soros-sponsored Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg? It boggles my mind that anyone could possibly take this trial seriously, and yet, day after day, there’s Jake Tapper acting as ringmaster of this absurd circus, acting as if a vast audience were tuned in, eager to get the latest details.


Every intelligent American understands this and, I have to point out, Jake Tapper is not stupid. However, his job is to pretend that he doesn’t know what I’m sure he actually does know, i.e., that even if this Manhattan jury were to convict Trump, Bragg’s case is so bogus that it will certainly be thrown out on appeal. It’s not just me saying this, either. Guy Benson, who is perhaps slightly less anti-Trump than David French, calls it a “disgraceful, politically-motivated case”:

The legal theory, if you can call it that, behind Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s prosecution involves resuscitating lapsed, possible misdemeanors related to bookkeeping categorizations of (totally legal) ‘hush money’ payments. In order to bypass a pesky ‘expired statute of limitations’ problem, and to escalate the alleged offenses into dozens of felonies, Bragg says the bookkeeping scheme was undertaken in furtherance of an additional crime that he still has not revealed. The Biden donor judge in the case has somehow allowed this to move forward, which many legal experts (including longtime federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy) point to as a glaring basis for appeal. But the final outcome of such a process is beside the real point of this trial, which is to secure a conviction — even if temporarily — against Donald Trump before the November election.
Bragg’s predecessor in the DA’s office looked at these exact same facts and declined to pursue charges. The feds did the same. . . . The ‘crime’ doesn’t involve the alleged affair or the existence of the payment, neither of which violated the law.  It involves the way Trump and his lawyer listed the payment in documents. Nevertheless, the jury was treated to salacious specifics about sexual positions, etc. during Daniels’ testimony. . . .

Read the whole thing, because those brief excerpts just barely skim the surface of what’s wrong with this trial, namely everything.

The whole point of Bragg’s case — the raison d’être of this illegitimate prosecution — is to help reelect Joe Biden (which assumes, of course, that Biden actually was elected in 2020, but they’ll condemn you as a dangerous “extremist” if you raise questions about that). And this partisan campaign effort relies upon the willing cooperation of the media, to give it the semblance of being a serious legal matter (which, as previously explained, it’s not). Here’s the big clue: It is immaterial to the alleged criminality of the “hush money” payment whether Trump did or did not have sex with Stephanie Gregory Clifford, the used-up, broken-down, hotdog-down-a-hallway 304 known as “Stormy Daniels.”

Despite the irrelevance of this, the prosecution was allowed to put this lying whore on the witness stand to regale the jury with what she claims are the details of her alleged rendezvous with Donald Trump — which, I hasten to add, she claims happened in July 2006.


This “scandal” is about what allegedly happened 18 years ago, a full decade before Trump was elected president and, as I say, it is immaterial to Bragg’s case whether or not sex happened between Trump and this worn-out floozy. Bragg’s “case” (which is not really a case at all) is about the falsification of records related to the payments made to keep the story out of the media in 2016. Bragg’s far-fetched theory is that the payments to Miss Echo Canyon should have been counted as an expense by the Trump campaign, thereby violating federal election regulations. (Of course, it’s not the job of the Manhattan DA’s office to enforce federal election law but, even if it were, nearly all such violations are dealt with by having the offending campaign pay a monetary fine.) Everybody with two eyes and a brain can see that what Bragg is doing is simply about smearing Trump by rehashing this bogus “scandal” which no intelligent person ever cared about to begin with. And yet, despite the laughable fraudulence of this trial, the Serious People in charge of CNN are engaged in an all-hands-on-deck effort to convince their retarded audience that what’s happening in the Manhattan courtroom is Very Important.

Get back to me on Wednesday, November 6, and tell me how effective this Democratic strategy was. My hunch is, it’s going to be a failure. Maybe not as much of a failure as CNN’s ratings, but pretty close.


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