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‘Team Joe’ Sends Me E-Mail

Posted on | July 6, 2024 | Comments Off on ‘Team Joe’ Sends Me E-Mail

Many years ago, when I was covering Hillary Clinton’s doomed 2008 Democratic primary campaign, I clicked a link saying I would attend one of her appearances in Pennsylvania, and ever since then, my email address has been passed around to every other Democratic campaign, which is why this morning, I received this message:

As a journalist, of course, it’s helpful to see what kind of messages Democrats are getting in their e-mail inboxes at a time when the Real Clear Politics average shows Trump — “a liar and an extremist … an unhinged, ranting and raving lunatic,” according Team Joe — with nearly a 4-point lead in battleground states. The recipients of the Biden campaign email are expected to believe “that Donald Trump is a threat to our country and our democracy,” and also to believe that the Biden campaign has a plan for “how exactly we’re going to defeat Donald Trump in November.” Right — and for the right price, I’d be willing to sell you that bridge I own in Brooklyn. The point is that the people who run the Democratic Party operate with the presumption that their voters are imbeciles who will believe whatever they’re told, and who am I to say that this presumption is wrong? The only regret I have is that these people probably won’t lose as badly as they deserve to lose.


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