The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Andrew Breitbart Was Right: @MaxBlumenthal Is Despicable

Perhaps you’ve forgotten this epic confrontation between Andrew Breitbart and Max Blumenthal at CPAC 2010:   That video came to mind today when I read an article by Rosie Gray of BuzzFeed about how Max’s father Sidney Blumenthal (notorious as a hatchet-man for the Clintons in the 1990s) had mounted a poison-pen campaign against liberal […]

‘Hating Breitbart’ for Christmas

We’re about three weeks away from Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season. You can help support the blog by shopping for specials via our links, and I’d like to encourage you to consider giving an excellent gift, the DVD of Andrew Marcus’s awesome documentary, Hating Breitbart.     If you […]

The Weapon of Unlimited Victimhood: Pigford and Shirley Sherrod’s Vengeance

@rsmccain @Stranahan My god. And still that evil lawsuit?!!! — Donald Douglas (@AmPowerBlog) October 10, 2013 Heads are still shaking about the unspeakable cruelty of Shirley Sherrod suing Susie Breitbart, a widow with four kids, as a substitute defendant for her late husband, because Sherrod blames Andrew Breitbart for her ouster from the Department of Agriculture. […]

Pure Evil: Sherrod Sues Susie Breitbart; Wickedness in the Age of Dishonor

Out of the pages of Dickens, shameful lawyers from @Kirkland_Ellis sue @AndrewBreitbart's widow with four children. — Roger Simon (@rogerlsimon) October 9, 2013 As if to demonstrate the deliberate cruelty of “lawfare,” former federal official Shirley Sherrod, who filed a meritless lawsuit against Andrew Breitbart, is continuing her vindictive litigation even after his death […]

Virtue by Proxy, and Thoughts About Books That Liberals Have Never Read

Republicans “can’t stand the fact that a black man is in the White House!” That’s what a studid liberal shouted at Joel Pollak, and I could name, off the top of my head, two dozen books that liberal has never read. Ronald Reagan once said that the problem with liberals is not that they are […]

Is Neal Rauhauser Trying to Scheme His Way Back Into Political Consulting?

Three years ago, in August 2010, Democrat political consultant Neal Rauhauser published two articles under his “Stranded Wind” alias: Aug. 29, 2010: Organized Intimidation? Ambush Time. Aug. 31, 2010: Social Media’s Neighborhood Watch Claiming that there was a “centrally initiated effort” to harass him and other progressives on Twitter, Rauhauser described a plan for “hauling [a stalker] […]

Vile Lie-Peddler @Karoli Kuns and the Posthumous Vindication of Breitbart

“Liberal bias is not a matter of unfairness, but rather a matter of dishonesty — deliberately ignoring some facts, and misrepresenting other facts, in order to misinform the public by portraying to them a politically falsified view of events and personalities. If there were ever any honest person employed by the New York Times (we […]

FLASHBACK: Breitbart to Blumenthal: ‘You’re a Despicable Human Being’

Following up on the Mona Eltahawy meltdown, Donald Douglas is celebrating the 4th of July fireworks and I promised I’d dig up video of Andrew Breitbart’s epic shaming of Max Blumenthal at CPAC. Yeah, Andrew nailed Max for all time in 2010: “You’re ridiculous. You are a joke. You’re a despicable human being. You are […]

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