The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Miss Dominican Republic Scandal: How Much Longer Can the Cover-Up Continue?

As Smitty reported yesterday, Evi Siskos (pictured above) has claimed that she was robbed of the Miss Dominican Republic title because judges were bribed to give the crown to Dalia Fernandez. Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress has updated us on his ongoing investigation of this scandal. My own efforts to get to […]

Dan Collins, Beauty Pageant Truther

by Smitty Piece of Work in Progress, noted hotbed of all things conspiracy-related, is pointing to allegations that Dalia Fernandez may have showed the judges the money, in addition to the swimsuit, to secure victory. Other contestants were devastated at the notion that something as grubby and sinful as money may have disturbed the platonic […]

Bigger Breasts: By Any Means Necessary?

Professor Glenn Reynolds has called our attention to a New York Times story reporting that breast-enhancement surgery is becoming more and more popular — a 40% increase in the number of such surgeries during the past decade, with more than 300,000 women undergoing such procedures in 2010. While I have not consulted my colleague Dan Collins […]

Dan Collins Should Be Linked, And Often, And By Someone Who Knows How

Please go visit Dan’s blog Piece of Work in Progress immediately and, if the spirit generosity should coincide with a few bucks in your account, hit that man’s tip jar. My conscience was seared today when I recognized that I had failed to link Dan often enough. There was a blinding flash of recognition when […]

James Wolcott: ‘Those Sort of People’

When you turn over a rock, you expect to find creepy-crawly things, but still sometimes … “I don’t think Felker had any way of knowing what was going to happen. Christgau, Goldstein … it was those sort of people who really formed the core of politicizing the Voice and really pushing its cultural coverage to […]

You Don’t Need To Be Cynical, You Need To Be Clear

by Smitty Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): If you haven’t told me what we’re doing to eradicate Fannie and Freddie, you haven’t told me much. Dan at POWIP chides Stacy for insufficient cynicism. Shag all that. Let us be perfectly clear: individual housing is not, nor has it ever been, a proper federal task. The […]

My Health Secret, Revealed!

People have often asked me, “Stacy, how is it that you eat such a horrible diet of junk food, you smoke, drink, consume vast quantities of coffee, and have never jogged or worked out, and yet you remain so slim, vigorous and full of energy at your age?” Now my secret has been discovered: A study says […]

The Real Deal in Madison

Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress recounts the story behind the protests in Wisconsin: How Democrats, after losing the November election, called a special lame-duck session in an abortive effort to lock in sweetheart deals for government employee unions. When that didn’t work, Democrats have since tried to prevent Republicans from acting to […]

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