The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Packers Fans: ‘New Tone?’ Bite Me!

Even since Reince Priebus got the RNC chairmanship, Wisconsinians have become increasingly uncivil: Via notorious “Chubby Chaser” Dan Collins. We’re currently preparing for our First Annual Dan Collins Plus-Size Dream Girl Lingerie Show.

Tucson’s James Fuller: ‘My Personal Agenda Promoting Social Justice’

James Fuller has been using his victimhood in the Tucson massacre to lash out at political scapegoats who had nothing to do with Jared Lee Loughner’s heinous crime. Fuller got himself arrested Saturday when he threatened a Tea Party leader, and people naturally are wondering, “Who the heck is this guy?” Fortunately, Fuller himself has told […]

‘Break into a Prevent Defense for the Second Half and Try to Preserve a Tie’

That’s how Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress describes Eric Holder’s strategy for dealing with the incoming Republican majority in the House: Despite the fact that the New Black Panthers were captured on video with weapons and fascist-style uniforms at the entrance to a polling place, Holder said: “There is no there, there.” […]

Nobody’s Fault But Mine

“I’m not particularly interested in debating What Assange Did or Whether Assange Is A Rapist, and I’d appreciate it if we could steer clear of that in the comments section. Rather, I’m interested in pushing back on the primary media narrative about this case, which is that women lie and exaggerate about rape, and will […]

Christmas Cheesecake

“In an effort to boost my traffic, I am writing about breasts today. Small breasts. But breasts nonetheless.” — NeoNeoCon, “On Small Breasts” Donald Douglas is once again bemoaning the blogger’s plight during Holiday Traffic Suckage Season, when it seems that nothing can get the SiteMeter excited. Lady Gaga getting groped? Man, that’s a genuinely desperate […]

Petty Grifters Gone Big-Time

Dan Collins calls attention to the fact that some charities aren’t all that charitable — that is to say, not a lot of what they collect goes to whatever cause it is they claim to support. Dan ends his post with a link to a truly horrifying story. This is Edward Garcia Jr., 36, and his […]

Bikinis. Kettlecorn. Shakespeare.

Dan Collins has video of some chicks in bikinis reading Shakespeare while eating Kettlecorn. Yeah, you’re going to click that link. You’re going to feel guilty about clicking it, but you’ll click it.

Da Tech Guy Gets the Nudie-lanche

It’s kind of like the Instalanche, except Dan Collins of Piece of Work in Progress includes a photo of a naked woman named Kara DioGuardi. I’d never heard of Kara DioGuardi before but . . . well, she’s apparently famous for being naked. NTTAWWT.

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