The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Ace on ‘Context’

The thuggery against Tabitha Hale compels him: The media slips an awful lot past the public with the word “context.” They frequently claim they don’t carry stories like this because the “context” doesn’t support making it worthy of mention. . . . 1. We don’t have to patrol the left for violence because the left […]

Thugs for Social Justice: Union Goon Gets Rough With Tabitha Hale on Video

AFL-CIO rent-a-mobsters, including members of the Communications Workers of America, descended on the D.C. offices of FreedomWorks today for a protest. Tabitha Hale had a video camera going when she got shoved by a CWA goon: Michelle Malkin has more details. UPDATE: “There Goes the Union Civility Again.” The Underground Conservative: “Is this what Rep. Michael […]

Ann Marie Buerkle Sworn In
UPDATE: Alas, Poor Marco Rubio!
UPDATE: Catching Up With Griffith
UPDATE: Interview With Renee Ellmers

Wednesday’s trip to Capitol Hill was amazing. I spent most of the afternoon with Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, her staff, supporters and family, including a trip to the basement of the Capitol for her ceremonial swearing-in photo with Speaker John Boehner. The lady in the middle holding the Bible is Congresswoman Buerkle’s 89-year-old mother. I’ll […]

Murray Campaign HQ Is Rocking Tonight

by Smitty The effort to liberate VA-8 from “Gentleman” Jim Moran’s reign of error continues apace. The candidate is fresh off of a news conference to answer the mail on the 06 October offensive remarks Moran made. Murray momentum grows. The bus is stocked and fueled. It will be cruising the district, spreading the word […]

This Is Not a Scandal!

Newsreal contributor Susannah Fleetwood attended BlogCon, where she was kind enough to pose with  sidekick Smitty: Earlier today, Smitty highlighted Mrs. Fleetwood’s latest column and, in an e-mail thanking us for the linkage, she mentioned remembering that someone had taken a photo like this. However, concerned that perhaps Frau Smith might share Mrs. Other McCain’s (unjustified) suspicion that […]

A Short List . . .

. . . of Astoundingly Stupid Things No Conservative Blogger in His Right Mind Would Ever Even Think About Doing: Publish posts conflating “neocons” and “Jews” in such a way as to provoke accusations of anti-Semitism. Respond to such accusations by publishing deranged rants against Jews. Get into hateful public pissing matches with Ace of […]

9/12dc Video Short Takes: Tabitha, Tito, P.J.

by Smitty Tabitha Hale at about 1:30 PM, cagily refusing to guess the attendance: Tito ‘The Builder’ Munoz, legal immigrant and friend of this blog. Not to pick on the vaunted Barbie Cam (Stacy’s bubble-gum pink, metrosexual rig rumored to have been a gift from the goth twin Skippy), but the Panasonic just does a […]

A Post That Is Not About Net Neutrality

At BlogCon Friday, we went to the Newseum in D.C. for a panel discussion that was supposed to be about politics. During the Q&A period, however, it got hijacked into a discussion of The World’s Most Boring Policy Issue. After ten minutes of this narcolepsy-inducing blather, I gestured frantically at Tabitha Hale and got the […]

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