The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

CPAC: Fighting for Israel

  ALEXANDRIA, Virginia Dalia Al-Aqidi (left, in a photo by my brother you can click to enlarge) is the Republican challenger to Rep. Ilhan Omar. She attended a CPAC event I covered Thursday night: In emphatic terms, Jewish leaders praised President Trump during a reception Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference. “He has been […]

CPAC: VodkaPundit Is Not Worried

  ALEXANDRIA, Virginia Look at that cheerful visage — does Stephen Green look worried? Of course not. I encountered the legendary VodkaPundit last night in the Public House, about a block from the Gaylord Hotel, where he was having a club sandwich and a cold beverage. We recalled good times at CPACs past, and I […]

CPAC: We Are Here

  ALEXANDRIA, Virginia My brother Kirby and I checked into our hotel here about 6:30, loaded everything up from the car and stopped in the lobby bar for a beverage. We are staying here in Alexandria — about 2 miles across the river from National Harbor, site of CPAC 2020 — because the hotels near […]

The Backlash of ‘Hate’

For several months, here and at The American Spectator, I have occasionally addressed the theme of “hate” — how Democrats insist that racism or “white nationalism” or some other species of bigotry explains opposition to the liberal agenda in the Trump era. If you are a white male heterosexual Christian, you are are by definition […]

CPAC Emergency Tip-Jar Rattle

So, I had been procrastinating about preparations for CPAC, an event that I’ve been covering every year since 2006. It starts Wednesday, and today I went online to see about booking a hotel room and HOLY FREAKING CRAP! The Residence Inn where I usually stay is sold out, and the hotels nearest the event are […]

CPAC: The Final Wisdom

  NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland Another year, another CPAC, more liberal media lies, and now another Sunday afternoon hotel checkout. I’ve been doing this annual ritual since 2006 — my 14th consecutive CPAC — and there’s a certain familiarity about the routine now. However, there’s a difference in recent years. President Bush never spoke at CPAC, […]

CPAC: Who Brought the Gonzo?

With author Timothy Denevi and some Flying Dog beverages. NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland Checkout time has already passed, and I’m typing this in the hotel lobby, while waiting for my ride. My habit of associating with, er, eccentric characters continues to put me in the near vicinity of controversy. Laura Loomer, whom I covered at a […]

CPAC: Guilt by Association

  NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland The hate-watchers at the SPLC can click on that photo above to enlarge it. Peter Brimelow is author of the 1995 bestseller Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster, and Michelle Malkin wrote the 2002 bestseller Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, And Other Foreign Menaces To Our Shores. […]

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