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CPAC: Who Brought the Gonzo?

Posted on | March 3, 2019 | Comments Off on CPAC: Who Brought the Gonzo?

With author Timothy Denevi and some Flying Dog beverages.

Checkout time has already passed, and I’m typing this in the hotel lobby, while waiting for my ride. My habit of associating with, er, eccentric characters continues to put me in the near vicinity of controversy. Laura Loomer, whom I covered at a press conference Thursday, got her CPAC media credentials revoked for supposedly “harassing” CNN’s Oliver Darcy. And I don’t want to get in the middle of someone else’s quarrel, but the question must be asked: Why is Oliver Darcy welcome at CPAC, when he has done everything in his power to abet the deplatforming of conservatives on social media? While one might criticize Loomer’s behavior, she is a conservative, while Darcy is anti-conservative. Why punish your friends to protect your enemies? But I digress . . .


That elegantly dressed gentleman is Enrique Torrio, chairman of the Proud Boys. He’s been banned from every social-media platform because the SPLC applied its “hate group” label to the Proud Boys. Does he look like a dangerous extremist to you? Me neither, but the SPLC are experts, you see, and all the social-media outlets — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube — have therefore banished Enrique from their platforms. Enrique was one of our guests, along with Evan Sayet and author Timothy Denevi, on Saturday’s episode of “The Other Podcast” with John Hoge.


You see that Professor Denevi, whose book about Hunter S. Thompson I talked about a couple of weeks ago, is drinking a “Gonzo” Belgian Porter from Flying Dog Brewery, while I’m enjoying Flying Dog’s “Raging Bitch” pale ale. Flying Dog uses art by Thompson’s illustrator Ralph Steadman, and supplying these beverages was part of the agreed terms of my interview with Professor Denevi. So that’s a tax-deductible business expense. Click here to listen to the show:



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