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The Backlash of ‘Hate’

Posted on | February 26, 2020 | Comments Off on The Backlash of ‘Hate’

For several months, here and at The American Spectator, I have occasionally addressed the theme of “hate” — how Democrats insist that racism or “white nationalism” or some other species of bigotry explains opposition to the liberal agenda in the Trump era. If you are a white male heterosexual Christian, you are are by definition guilty of “hate,” according to the Left’s intersectional logic of “social justice.”

The ordinary person’s instinctive reaction to such an accusation is to feel insulted: How dare you? If you are a decent, law-abiding citizen, intelligent and reasonably well-educated, being accused of bigotry, merely because you vote Republican, is probably going to make you angry. What are the consequences of that anger? Political analyst Jake Novak offers some insights:

For all the policy differences and political minutiae Democrats delve into when criticizing President Trump, the most enduring attacks on Trump from the Democratic establishment remain accusations that Trump is supporting white supremacy and is controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
These are over-the-top accusations, and it’s hard to accept that even most elected Democrats actually believe them. But pushing that message on America for the last three-plus years comes at a price for both sides.
For the Democrats, the price is becoming clear: it’s made moderate presidential candidates look less viable than ever.
Think about it: if you really believe the president is a traitor and supporting violent plots against non-white Americans, is this really the time to support mainstream Democrat or Republican candidates?
Sanders may be a career politician, but he’s never been a mainstream politician. His persona and political brand fits much better into the current Democratic narrative that we’re living in desperate times.
Establishment Democrats are reaping what they sowed.
As a result, it’s looking more and more like Sanders has unstoppable momentum going into the Super Tuesday primaries and beyond.

Read the whole thing. I’ve got to get packed up and head down to CPAC. Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this trip possible.



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