The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Endless Warren Butt-Hurt

  Did any presidential candidate ever deserve to lose more than Elizabeth Warren? This is a women who fabricated her own biography, falsely claiming to be Native American, in order to be the “first woman of color” on the faculty of Harvard Law. Say what you will about Barack Obama — whom Matt Margolis and […]

‘Cognitive Partitioning’: The Real Reason Elizabeth Warren Never Had a Chance

  The news broke this morning that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren will quit the presidential campaign. I’m sure everybody is sad about this, and by “everybody,” of course I mean Jessica Valenti:   I knew going into Super Tuesday that Elizabeth Warren was unlikely to win big. I had prepared myself for that. What did […]

Clown Car Campaign Nears Its Sad End

  Early last year, Lawrence Person dubbed the Democratic presidential campaign a “clown car,” and by summer 2019, there were so many candidates it was difficult for the DNC to narrow the TV debate field down to 20. Does anyone remember anything Tim Ryan, John Hickenlooper or John Delaney said during their brief sojourns on […]

Sanders Wins California, Biden Wins Texas, Brokered Convention Looms

  As of 8 a.m., Maine remains “too close to call” — Joe Biden leads by about 2,200 votes with 83% of precincts reporting — but what matters more is the delegate count, and it will take another day or two before we have a complete total from Super Tuesday. Biden won 9 of 15 […]

SUPER TUESDAY: Joe Biden Sweeps the South, Bernie Sanders Wins VT, CO, UT

UPDATE 11:45 p.m. ET: OK, so far in California — about 15% of precincts reporting — it’s Sanders at 27%, Bloomberg 20%, Biden 18%, Buttigieg 12% and Warren 11%. You might say, “But I thought Buttigieg dropped out?” Yes, but early voting (an idea I’ve always opposed) means that many thousands of ballots were already […]

Warren Plans to Win Brokered Convention

  Delusional? Yes. Perfect from a GOP perspective? Absolutely: Elizabeth Warren can win debates, but not states: There’s a chance she will walk away from Super Tuesday having not carried any of the first 18 contests, including her home state of Massachusetts. Yet she, her campaign and their close allies say she’s in the race […]

Democrats Engage in Angry Shouting Match in Charleston, South Carolina

  The worst debate in the history of American politics: The CBS News moderators came under fire on social media Tuesday as the Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina grew heated, with crosstalk often drowning them out. Meghan McCain compared the debate’s atmosphere to the contentious discussions she faces on “The View,” saying, “these moderators […]

Zombie Candidate Elizabeth Warren Attacks Billionaire Bloomberg

  Let’s hope she inflicts maximum damage: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) hit fellow Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg on Thursday, taking aim specifically at his recently resurfaced comments he made in 2008 about the controversial practice known as redlining. “Now this has been some presidential primary already. We’ve been going about this for about a […]

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