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Clown Car Campaign Nears Its Sad End

Posted on | March 5, 2020 | Comments Off on Clown Car Campaign Nears Its Sad End


Early last year, Lawrence Person dubbed the Democratic presidential campaign a “clown car,” and by summer 2019, there were so many candidates it was difficult for the DNC to narrow the TV debate field down to 20. Does anyone remember anything Tim Ryan, John Hickenlooper or John Delaney said during their brief sojourns on the campaign trail? At least my favorite candidate, Marianne Williamson, had a memorable message. Crazy? Perhaps, but memorable.

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and when Michael Bloomberg dropped out Wednesday morning, endorsing Joe Biden, the prospects of a “brokered convention” (which pundits had been jabbering about for the past month) dwindled to nearly zero. Jim Treacher mourns:

Bloomberg spent all that money to upend the establishment, more dough than most of us would ever see in a hundred lifetimes, and now he ends up standing on his tippy-toes to kiss the establishment’s butt. It really is terrific to watch. . . .
Mike Bloomberg provided a lot of high-paying jobs to soulless, unprincipled campaign hacks. So that’s not nothing. Unscrupulous drones need to put food on the table too.

As recently as Tuesday, Elizabeth Warren was saying she was still “in this fight,” but by Wednesday afternoon she was reportedly under pressure to drop out and support Bernie Sanders. Warren “had a plan for everything — except winning,” and even Ilhan Omar stuck the knife in her back:

Moral of the story? Never turn your back on Ilhan Omar.

Now that Creepy Uncle Joe appears to have the nomination within his grasp, we have passed a crucial phase of the election campaign:

After a month-long panic driven by fears of an unstoppable Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party establishment breathed a sigh of relief last night. Joe Biden scored wins in nine of the 15 contests on Super Tuesday, capping a crucial four-day turnaround in which victory in his “firewall” state of South Carolina was quickly followed by withdrawals by three of his rivals, two of whom immediately endorsed his presidential bid. With the news Wednesday morning that billionaire Mike Bloomberg will quit the race and endorse Biden, it now appears that the man President Trump calls “Sleepy Joe” has a clear path to the Democratic nomination.
Biden’s rapid revival seems to have ended what I described, on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, as “The Great Liberal Freakout.” Anyone who watched CNN or MSNBC after the February 3 Iowa caucus could see that Biden’s dismal fourth-place finish in the Hawkeye State had inspired abject despair among the liberal pundits. The prospect that Sanders might win the Democratic nomination on a socialist platform was an omen of doom — guaranteed defeat in November — a scenario that longtime Clinton adviser James Carville called “the end of days.” . . .

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