The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Bitter Fruits of a Bitter Seed: Envy, Feminism, Maureen and Meghan

HOLLIS, N.H. Time constraints have improved my ability to ignore Maureen Dowd. Many months now often elapse between my ever bothering to notice anything she’s written. Today, however, Pete Da Tech Guy called my attention to Ms. Dowd’s unseemly assault on Rick Santorum’s family. And then Pete sat down and wrote a rather stunning contrast […]

Sunday Morning Coming Down in New Hampshire ‘Meet the Depressed’ Debate

HOLLIS, N.H. After my late night guzzling beer consulting with key sources at the Radisson Hotel bar last night, I slept in this morning at the home of Mike Rogers of Granite Grok, missing the “Meet the Press” debate. Mike’s got it TiVo’d for my later examination, but initial accounts indicate it was far more […]


MANCHESTER, N.H. The Triumphant Victory of Rick Santorum™ was not acknowledged here at RINOCon — as I’ve dubbed the National Review Romney GroupHugFest — and that’s OK. We don’t expect these elite snobs to recognize such things. Think about this: Santorum is the hot new “Not Romney” candidate and yet he was not attacked during […]


22:40 EST Perry: if not here, I’d be at a shooting range. Newt, Rick, Mitt: watching football. Paul: I’d put the family to bed and study an economic textbook. Huntsman: talking to my two sons in the Navy. Thus far: The two Texans are not looking strong. Huntsman looks comfortable, but Mitt, Newt, and Santorum […]

Santorum Surge Hits Hollis, N.H. UPDATE: Photos, Videos Added

HOLLIS, N.H. Set up in the Dunkin’ Donuts here at the intersection of Ash and Main Street, having just left anevent for Rick Santorum at the historic Lawrence Barn that was filled beyond capacity. The first question Santorum got in an informal press conference outside the barn was about his “electability,” which he defended staunchly. I must […]

Rick Santorum Speech in Nashua:
‘New Hampshire, Send a Message’

HOLLIS, N.H. When Rick Santorum arrived at the Hillsborough County Republican Party’s dinner Friday, the swarm of reporters photographers and TV cameramen following him was so huge that his own daughter Elizabeth and son Daniel couldn’t get near their father. This video begins with me entering the door and working my way through the media […]

Newt Meets the Media in Nashua

NASHUA, N.H. Massive media mayhem here at the Hillsborough County Republican Party dinner at the Crowne Plaza, where Newt Gingrich was swarmed by the press: Rick Santorum also spoke, but I’ll upload that later.

Ron Paul Rally in Nashua, N.H.

Somewhere amid this frenzied crowd scene is The Only Man Who Can Save Liberty in America NASHUA, N.H. Ron Paul just concluded a rally here in the hangar at Nashua Jet Aviation and the crowd was enormous. Afterwards, I talked to three young guys who drove up from New Jersey for the chance to see […]

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