The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

#GOPEstablishmentIn4Words For Users Craving Knick-knacks

by Smitty #GOPEstablishmentIn4Words Formidable until CNN knocks. — Chris Smith (@smitty_one_each) June 13, 2012 #GOPEstablishmentIn4Words Feckless unless continuously kicked. — Chris Smith (@smitty_one_each) June 13, 2012   #GOPEstablishmentIn4Words Frequently using Constitutional knowledge. — Chris Smith (@smitty_one_each) June 13, 2012   Update: in reply to the query about “undermining and sapping the GOP voting base” in […]

Who Knew The House GOP Was Channeling Peter Cetera?

by Smitty Something about Political Junkie Mom’s tweet of Erik Erikson at RedState dredged up an old memory: Did you know that House Republicans are still defeating amendment after amendment to cut spending — even relatively small amounts? You probably didn’t realize this because, for some reason, no one is reporting it. So here are […]


by Smitty Nothing unexpected here, just another litany of how unserious #OccupyResoluteDesk is: via Red Alexandria

A) They’re Just Bloggers.
B) A Thousand Word Screed’s No Biggie.
C) New Media Is Just Some Fad.

by Smitty Q. Why does the Virginia GOP continue to spurn people like just a conservative girl, to its detriment? So I wasted well over two hours of my time and have no tickets to the debate. When I got back home I sent the following email to the Chairman: I am writing to tell […]

Right On, Michael Zak

by Smitty Zak continues to fight the good fight: Yesterday, I attended a 150th anniversary ceremony in honor of the DC Emancipation Act. The event was held at Abraham Lincoln’s summer cottage. The quartet Just Righteous inspired with A Change Is Gonna Come and other classic songs. Frank Williams discussed President Lincoln’s views on the […]

A Whiter Shade Of GOPale

by Smitty And so it was that later as McCotter told his tale Smitty’s face, at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of GOPale McCotter laments at length at Ricochet, and I excerpt: “I want to shout, but I can’t hardly speak” Presently, Rock-n-Roll Reaganites are in exile on Lame Street. Bored in the […]

Grover Norquist Offers A Striking View Of The GOP

by Smitty Bearing Drift has a genuinely interesting interview with Grover Norquist. GN pooh-poohs the importance of the Oval Office occupant, and says that the GOP Congress will be more crucial. Hmmm.

Not-Mitt Protest Vote Registered In VA

by Smitty The Virginia GOP needs a personality transplant. 400 years on into the existence of the state, we have a GOP so sclerotic as to serve up one vote with a choice of two candidates. I was the only one in the room, and outnumbered 6:1 by poll workers. Way to excite people about […]

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