The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Baseball Crank Reminds Us Why Guys Like Mitt Romney Treat Bloggers With The Affection Afforded A Wild Pitch

by Smitty You’re Mitt Romney. You’ve been running for POTUS for over half a decade now. And here is this anonymous blogger named Baseball Crank kicking north of 3,200 words worth of sand on your shoes while you’re up to bat. On top of that, he links ~15k of words from 2007 about why you […]

A Video Which, At A High Level Of Abstraction, Symbolizes GOP Candidates Chasing The Nomination

by Smitty My title is unfair. It takes massive amounts of skill to appear this inept without killing yourself outright. The GOP is merely inept. via Miss Cellania

GOP Debate, Arguably, Still Going Strong

by Smitty I met young Ben Shapiro at the blogger awards event Friday morning at CPAC. Crowder was making a running joke on the topic of condoms and a social conservative Presidential candidate. After two or three tries that fell flat, I looked at Shapiro and said “He’s going to keep inflating that joke until […]

Is It Really Just Mitt, Or Is The Entire GOP Necropolis Facing Rejection?

by Smitty Byron York in The Examiner is worth a full read: Romney stages perfect events. For example, on the eve of the primary, Romney’s rally in North Charleston was perfect from a production point of view: stage just right, big flags, big Romney signs, smooth introductions from South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and Virginia […]

News Of Rick Santorum’s Iowa Triumph Reaches A Certain Bunker. . .

by Smitty The task of managing delivery of the 2012 GOP concession speech is not an easy one. . .

Dear Jonah Goldberg: What?

by Smitty Jonah Goldberg has an excellent column in the LA Times, but throws this in: Frankly, I can’t blame anyone for being underwhelmed by Romney, or begrudge anyone their frustration with the field. What’s harder to understand is how nobody has noticed that the conservative establishment, which includes many of my friends denouncing it, […]

Tea Party vs. GOP

by Smitty I find myself mostly agreeing with this analysis in Canada Free Press: The Tea Party is like a young boxer with great skills and a knockout punch, but with skinny legs: a seemingly unstoppable force in the early rounds, if a wily opponent can just survive his initial dynamism, it will be possible […]

Rush Nails It On The Craven GOP

by Smitty Rush Limbaugh went ballistic about both the Obama 06Dec speech, and the corresponding spinelessness of the GOP in refusing to attack #OccupyResoluteDesk. Of local note is the Timmy Kaine run for Senate. Face it: rather than gearing up for the next concession speech in 2012, the GOP needs to take this class warfare […]

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