The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Cruz, Sanders Win Wisconsin

Tuesday was a bad night for front-runners in both parties: Senator Ted Cruz soundly defeated Donald J. Trump in the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday, breathing new life into efforts to halt Mr. Trump’s divisive presidential candidacy and dealing a blow to his chances of clinching the Republican nomination before the party’s summer convention. With more […]

Presidential Race, The Final Frontier

by Smitty Presidential Race, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the barship Trumpyprize. Its 5-beer mission: to explore strange gutteral worlds, to seek out new lies and old provocations, to boldly, emphatically, and with scant relation to facts set about making America greatly hydrated again with Brawndo.

Ross Douthat Seems To Think @TedCruz Is As Cynical As The Donald Himself

by Smitty In reply to Who Is Ted Cruz?, I’ve got to say: judge the tree by the fruit. A sample: With Cruz, though, even the most fervent peroration always feels like a debater’s patter, an advocate’s brief — compelling enough on the merits, but more of a command performance than a window into deep […]

Many Thanks To Katie Packer For “Our Principles PAC”

by Smitty First, keep calm. Do not let the melodious strains of noise akin to “Jesus Built My Hotrod” that seem to pour forth from the media distract you from the purpose of restoring the country. We’re going to make it through this. The Civil, First and Second World Wars still eclipse the current insanity […]

Nancy Reagan, R.I.P.

  The headlines via Memeorandum: Nancy Reagan, an Influential and Stylish First Lady, Dies at 94 — New York Times Nancy Reagan, Former First Lady, Dies at 94 — ABC News Nancy Reagan — Dead at 94 — TMZ Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Dead at 94 — NBC News She was classy and shrewd, […]

Fox News Is Corrupt and Unethical

It was never a good idea for conservatives to put all their media eggs in Rupert Murdoch’s basket, and this story about Marco Rubio’s role in the 2013 “Gang of Eight” deal explains why: A few weeks after Senator Marco Rubio joined a bipartisan push for an immigration overhaul in 2013, he arrived alongside Senator […]

Note To The Trumpenproletariat

by Smitty There is a reason why the Ace of Spades is such a crucial blogger: My problem with Trump is that he is a dealmaker trying to make a sale. Right now he’s trying to make a deal with conservatives — so this is the very most conservative we’ll ever see him. If he […]

#GOPDebate Feedback: Women In Combat Is A Progressive Position

by Smitty The GOP debate in New Hampshire was relatively well done, once everyone got onto the stage. The one curve ball is the topic of this blog post. Sorry, Governor Christie, there is no “natural right” to serve in the military, and the overall swellness of any individual aspiration to serve is not a […]

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