The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Sissypuss The Blog Kitty Will Now Do A Performance Art Summary Of The Leftist Triumph In Wisconsin

by Smitty This is a little something mooched from Miss Cellania that summarizes the situation in cheeseland rather effectively. It’s below the fold so that Stacy doesn’t reach through the internet and slap me for slowing the page load.

BHO Survived Taping An Episode For Mythbusters

by Smitty (via The Constitution Club) Yahoo reports on the story: He also announced his appearance in an episode of “Mythbusters,” a Discovery Channel program that uses science to uncover the truth behind urban legends. Obama has already taped his appearance and the episode is scheduled to air Dec. 8. Discovery said that episode will […]

SOS: Sissypuss, Obama, And Skippy

by Smitty Sissypuss was all set to review the POTUS prime-timer, and then Stacy blew town for Alaska. Fortunately, Stacy’s goth twin Skippy was in between rehearsals with “Lips Can’t Go”, his Alien Sex Fiend tribute band, and was thus available, and they got together in the basement, along with some catnip and pudding, and […]

Sissypuss: Gov’t Cheese Not Selling In MO

by Smitty Down at the bottom of the page (h/t Gateway Pundit) it looks like nearly three to one in favor of Prop C: The Missouri Health Care Freedom, Proposition C is on the August 3, 2010 statewide ballot in Missouri as an legislatively-referred state statute. The proposed measure aims to block the federal government […]

Gulf Cleanup Pussy Just Pluckered Out

by Smitty (via HotAir) We heard Anderson Cooper’s tale of woe regarding the mostly opaque level of transparency set by the Hopium and Changeeba Administration. Reacting quickly, and noting that the 65′ First Amendment FTW zone applies to humans, we dispached Sissypuss the Blog Kitty. Sissypuss, we discovered, had been hanging around Philadelphia, thinking to […]

Stock Market Pussy Goes
Where Gravity Leads

by Smitty (h/t Instapundit, who likes him some cat bloggin’) Sissypuss the Bailout Kitty, willing to work that purr as required, landed a job on Wall Street, as a result of all the financial reform afoot. But trying to herd those stocks is just like herding kittens. Despite the best efforts, the only direction they […]

Weekend At Bernie’s Wasn’t The First Allusion To Come To Mind For Today’s Circus

by Smitty Glenn McCoy has fun with it: And then there was a related Tim Burton take-off, via Digg. The most shocking bit came from visiting my magic URL, for a fortnight into the future, I see an odd article: Unprecedented Move: President Obama Accepts Own Healthcare Bill In Signing Statement by Sissypuss, the […]

A Bad Hairball Day For Sissypuss?

by Smitty This blog took on a mascot recently, and all was swell and spiffy. Now there is blowback against the POTUS from even the smallest and most loyal (presuming steady handouts) supporters: We’ll keep researching and see if we can figure out just exactly what platitudes, sleight-of-hand, and other nether sunshine is needed to […]

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