The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

‘A Coven of Sexual Predators’

Well, at least they weren’t Catholic priests: Multiple cheerleading coaches in South Carolina — including a coach who recently killed himself — sexually abused at least six boys and girls and provided them with drugs and alcohol, a federal lawsuit alleges. A “coven of sexual predators” surrounded Rockstar Cheer of Greenville for more than a […]

The True Story of a Teenage Patriot

Abraham Isham Bolt was just 16 years old in 1780 when he joined the South Carolina militia. The Patriot cause had suffered its worst defeat of the war when Charleston surrendered in May 1780. The British planned to use Charleston as a base of operations from which to open a new front in the war […]

Dopehead Biker Dies of ‘White Privilege’ and Blunt-Force Trauma, But Mainly …

. . . it was the blunt-force trauma: A Berkeley County deputy will not face charges in connection with a fatal collision with a motorcycle that occurred in Summerville in April [2017]. A grand jury convened Thursday in Dorchester County and declined to indict for reckless homicide, according to Senior Assistant Solicitor Don Sorenson with […]

‘Criminal Justice Reform’

  There wasn’t much left of the car after the high-speed chase ended in South Carolina, and not much left of the driver, either. Behind the wheel of a stolen Toyota Prius, Kamontie Gross, 19, led police on more than a 20-mile chase April 18, 2019, from Charlotte, North Carolina, after he and two accomplices […]

‘I Guess I Won’t Do This Again’

  Famous last words: A woman who was attacked and killed by an alligator in a gated community in South Carolina on Friday was trying to touch the animal when it grabbed her and dragged her underwater, authorities said today. After briefly getting away from the alligator, the woman stood in waist deep water in […]

Democrats Engage in Angry Shouting Match in Charleston, South Carolina

  The worst debate in the history of American politics: The CBS News moderators came under fire on social media Tuesday as the Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina grew heated, with crosstalk often drowning them out. Meghan McCain compared the debate’s atmosphere to the contentious discussions she faces on “The View,” saying, “these moderators […]

She’s Crazy and Married to a Democrat

  But I repeat myself: Democratic congressman Joe Cunningham’s wife is furious that their taxpayer-subsidized healthcare plan declined to pay for therapy sessions, according to a rant on an insurance bill she posted on Instagram. The South Carolina Democrat is currently serving his first term in Congress, where members are given access to Obamacare “gold” […]

Memo From the National Affairs Desk: Final Wisdom and a Failed Coup

Gonna miss the sunshine and palmettos. LITTLE RIVER, South Carolina Last night, while I was pounding out 1,700 words about the Marianne Williamson presidential campaign, the political world at large was going insane over the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s investigation: For President Donald Trump, the fight over the “witch hunt” is only just beginning. Now […]

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