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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Other Podcast

Tonight on The Other Podcast, John Hoge, Dianna Deeley and myself will be talking a lot about Twitter and also there’ll be time to mention the sad fate of Rebekah Jones — guilty! guilty! guilty! Join @PatriachTree, Dianna Deeley, and me at 7pm ET for The Other Podcast topics include Gender, Stupid Deals, and Crazy […]

The Other Podcast: Special Election Night ‘Let’s Vote to Kill Democracy’ Episode

Tonight, John Hoge, Dianna Deeley and I will be running a special six-hour episode of The Other Podcast, which will run in two parts: PART ONE — 7 p.m.-10 p.m. ET PART TWO — 10 p.m.-1 a.m. ET So that’s the schedule, and you can tune in to hear us wondering the same thing you’re […]

He’s Not Making This Up, You Know

My podcast partner John Hoge calls attention to this story: A Baltimore ex-gang member who uses graffiti to designate ‘no shoot zones’ to discourage gun violence around the city was shot in his back, neck and jaw on Wednesday. ‘I was shot three times,’ Tyree Moorehead, 46, told reporters on Wednesday. ‘A bullet went through […]

Podcasting World War III

Tonight on The Other Podcast (7 p.m. ET), my good friends John Hoge, Dianna Deeley and myself will be discussing the news of the week, including the latest blunder by Bumbling Joe Biden: The White House was forced to once again clean up highly problematic remarks made by Democrat President Joe Biden during his trip […]

Don’t Question ‘The Science’?

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change called attention to these headlines: It’s Time to Give Up on Facts — Jess Zimmerman, Slate, Feb. 8, 2017 You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science — Ethan Siegel, Forbes, July 30, 2020 Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole Critical thinking, as we’re taught […]

Aspiring Podcaster Update

Tonight at 7 p.m. ET, John Hoge, Dianna Deeley and myself will take to the digital airwaves for another episode of The Other Podcast. Relevant to tonight’s discussion, from the Urban Dictionary: Aspiring Rapper North American euphemism for a member of the urban criminal class. This unusual occupation is usually mentioned in conjunction with the […]

The Other Podcast Rides Again

Join myself, blog buddy John Hoge and frequent commenter Dianna Deeley for another exciting episode of The Other Podcast. If you miss an episode, you can always check the archives at Podbean.  


“We are not a nation of victims, and neither are we a nation of oppressors. Most of us are just trying to get through the week, pay our bills, and live the best life we can.” — “Why Is Identity Politics Destroying America?” John Sexton reports on the latest development in the Culture War: USA […]

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