The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Charles Johnson, Wrong Again

From the “Not Exactly News” category: My post yesterday, “Most of the Miseries of the World Were Caused by Wars,” was all I had intended to say about yesterday’s New York Times article, but my friend Donald Douglas at American Power evidently didn’t notice that post, and so has solicited further reaction. Let’s start with […]

Why Doesn’t the SPLC Just Go Ahead and Call the Republican Party a ‘Hate Group’?

Both the American Family Association and Concerned Women for America — and four other groups that generally oppose the gay-rights agenda — have now taken notice of the “hate” tag placed on them by the Southern Poverty Law Center. But why stop there? Why not the entire GOP? Why not the U.S. Marine Corps and the Boy Scouts of America? […]

The Wheel Turns

Remember in mid-October 2006, when Instapundit did a rare long-form post about the “pre-mortem” for the Republican mid-term wipeout? And remember when Rush Limbaugh criticized that, leading to complaints that he didn’t read blogs? Rush responded: I’m going to tell you the blog postings that I regularly read in my RSS reader. I’ve communicated with many of the people […]

A Serious Thought On Sharia

by Smitty Of course, raaaaacist, bitter, cling-on, knuckle-dragging, Constitution-fetishing conservative extremists lack independent thought, and merely parrot what is beamed into their noggins from the orbital mind control lasers run from corporate headquarters, under the auspices of the Undying Cyborg Cheney. It only looks like an all-or-nothing, zero-sum, binary sort of confrontation, liberty vs. sharia, […]

The Outrage Vacuum Over Hartford

by Smitty Aleister at American Glob wants to know where the liberals whining about Christianity in public are on the invitation to imams to pray at city council meetings. I can follow the point that the ACLU is truly annoying about prayers mentioning Jesus Christ, but, having served as a Protestant Lay Reader at one […]

A Disservice To 9/11 Victims And Andrew Roman

by Smitty Andrew Roman, as he reports at Proof Positive, tried to do something noble to memorialize the heinous butchery of 9/11: . . .while I was fortunate enough not to experience any personal loss on that terrible Tuesday morning, as an American, I was deeply and profoundly affected by the attack on my country […]

Great Post, Sanity Inspector, But What About Slavery?

by Smitty The Sanity Inspector captures an excellent thought regarding sectarian relations in the United States, emphasis mine: Something is coalescing, taking root, something which may have repercussions centuries on down the road. Americans are a kind, forbearing, humble, welcoming people, lefties’ incessant accusations otherwise notwithstanding. I have never had a negative personal experience with […]

Gay Tea Party Activist Bruce Majors: ‘It’s a Full-Time Job Being a Celebrity Racist’

Last week, a D.C. guide for out-of-towners attending the Restoring Honor rally was seized upon by the Left as evidence of Tea Party bigotry because it advised visitors to stick to the touristy parts of town, et cetera. Rachel Maddow got all snarky about it: Here’s your first ironic denouement: The guy who wrote the […]

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