The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Is Reboot Congress Senator Dick Lugar’s Biggest Booster?

by Smitty I’m looking at this rack of links from Reboot Congress, and I’m thinking: wow, DSM digs him some Lugar about as much as I enjoy cheering on ‘Gentleman’ Jim Moran, which is to say, not at all: Dick Lugar: Living Large in New York City Dick Lugar Gambles Big on Phonebanks Dick Lugar […]

So, Will Lugar Be The New Murkowski?

by Smitty Legal Insurrection points to some National Journal polling showing Tea Party favorite Mourdock  in a statistical dead heat. Politico notes: The Lugar campaign’s 3-to-1 spending advantage has allowed it to portray Mourdock as an untrustworthy tax cheat who has “sold out to D.C. outsiders,” practices “the politics of personal destruction” and “will say anything […]

Unions File Suit Against Mitch Daniel’s Right-To-Work Law And His Hairstyle, But Mostly The Right-To-Work Law

by Smitty Mitch Daniels came under attack from The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, who appear to have smoked a staggering amount of that new ‘Pelosi’ material circulating in Progressive circles. Emphasis mine: The lawsuit argues that the “defendants have exacted compulsory service and/ or involuntary servitude from the Union through the combination […]

Mitch Daniels Reacts To This Morning’s Comb-Over Post

by Smitty Indiana Governor and The Other McCain reader (?) Mitch Daniels used body language to emphasize the proper configuration of the comb-over, whether adorning a conservative or progressive noggin. It’s OK, Mitch: nobody thinks the less of you because you’ve vast tracts of. . .forehead. Just go cue ball already, man. Then again, via […]

Indiana Republican’s Campaign Gives Lesson in How Not to Deal With Bloggers

I’d never previously heard of Richard Mourdock, who’s running for Senate in Indiana, but I’m thinking his campaign manager Jim Holden didn’t win him any fans by grabbing Rebel Pundit‘s camera:

Mitch Daniels Boomlet Ends

He just threw Scott Walker under the bus: Democrats went into a behind-closed-doors meeting Monday, refusing to return to the floor. Today, sources told The Indianapolis Star that Democrat lawmakers have left the state. Daniels, a Republican, supported their right to deny Republicans a quorum to do business and the rights of labor unions to […]

VIDEO: 9/12 DC Mike Pence Speech

by Smitty Mike Pence was the ranking speaker of the day. Very easy to edit, and served up in seven pieces a tartar for your red meat delectation, 51, 281, and 1:   Clip 2 unambiguously calls for ObamaCare repeal: We don’t consent to runaway Federal spending. No new taxes: Reid his Pelosi. No new […]

Election 2010: Senate Primaries in Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina

10:45 p.m. ET: It’s all over for progressive Jennifer Brunner, who got electorally date-raped by the Democratic Party good ol’ boy establishment: Fisher outperformed Brunner in fundraising, had the support of Gov. Ted Strickland (D) and was the preferred candidate of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. . . . One of Fisher’s top priorities is […]

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