The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

#Charlotte ‘RUN THEM DOWN’ Gets @Instapundit Suspended From @Twitter

  Professor Glenn Reynolds’ response to the anarchy in Charlotte — where a criminal mob of hate-filled Democrat voters looted stores, attacked police and white civilians, and shut down a major freeway — was three words of advice to endangered motorists: “Run them down.” The Twitter Thought Police suspended Professor Reynolds’ account. What are we […]

N.C. Schools Employ Radical Lesbian Who Called Marriage ‘Slavery’ for Women

By Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain on Twitter) A pioneering lesbian activist who called heterosexuality “the ideology of male supremacy” and condemned marriage as “slavery” for women is now working as a math teacher in North Carolina.   As a graduate student in 1969, Margaret Small helped begin what became the Women’s Studies program at the […]

The Predictable Karma of #Shutuppery: Will Democrat Sue Jeanne Bonds?

ICYMI: Bitter lady who spent months doxing me, others may soon face a lawsuit by another Dem: #ncpol #ncga #ncblondes — Stacey-SisterToldjah (@sistertoldjah) January 8, 2014 In case you’ve forgotten, Jeanne Milliken Bonds is a North Carolina Democrat operative who was implicated in the #Shutuppery efforts against @SisterToldjah and @LadyLiberty1885 last year. Now it […]

Who’s a ‘Bully,’ @GregFlynn? Democrat Operative Targets North Carolina Mom

North Carolina Democrats have apparently adopted the radical motto “By Any Means Necessary” in their war to destroy conservative opposition, as the intimidation tactics employed by Democrat operative Greg Flynn against a citizen-activist make clear: Lady Liberty is a blogger, but she is also a mother worried about her children. Greg Flynn (an editor at […]

Progressive Tax-Exempt Group’s Secret Plan to ‘Eviscerate,’ ‘Cripple’ GOP

Blueprint NC is “a nonprofit that coordinates the activities of liberal-leaning nonprofits” in North Carolina and when this 501(c) group’s communications director Stephanie Bass forwarded a strategy memo to member organizations, she included a disclaimer: “CONFIDENTIAL to Blueprint, so please be careful — share with your boards and appropriate staff, but not the whole world.” Oops. The memo […]

Twenty Thousand Muslims Expected to Attend Democrat Convention in Charlotte

What could possibly go wrong? Starting at the end of this month the Democratic National Convention will open with a focus on Islam. 20,000 Muslims are expected to attend according to the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA), the national Muslim American non-profit coordinating the two days of events they claim are non-political. ”Jumah at […]

Closet-Case Democratic Party Official Infected Ex-Girlfriend With AIDS Virus?

Jay Parmley and Rebecca Burgin Last week, we noted that Jay Parmley, who was forced to resign as executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party after being accused of sexually harassing a 26-year-old male staffer, had claimed to be the victim of “right-wing political enemies.” Alas, it appears that the real victim was a young […]

That Amazing Right Wing!

Is there anything it can’t do? Not according to Jay Parmley, who was recently forced to resign as executive director of the North Carolina Democratic Party after being accused of sexually harassing a 26-year-old male staffer. Parmley, who served less than a year at the helm of the party, denied harassing any employee and blamed right-wing […]

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