The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

When Katy Met Arlen

The death of a RINO has already been duly noted, if not exactly mourned. In their own remembrance of Snarlin’ Arlen, Victory Girls remind us of the moment at a 2009 town-hall meeting when the Vicious Backstabbing Crapweasel learned he had “awakened a sleeping giant”: “This is about the systematic dismantling of this country. I […]

Question the Timing (and Sample): Poll Shows Obama Leading in Swing States

You will remember that Democrats were panicking last month at the realization that Mitt Romney and the GOP outraised the DNC/Obama team in June, and that Obama’s unsustainable “burn rate” — pouring on a 2-to-1 ad blitz — had failed to move independent voters. Everything the Dems had done was being sabotaged by Obama’s tone-deaf “you didn’t […]

The Jennifer Stefano Summit Will Convene Thursday in Washington, D.C.

Breeding victory: Jennifer Stefano, pregnant in 2010 It’s officially called the “Defending the American Dream” Summit, but I’ve decided to re-name the three-day event that begins Thursday because Jennifer Stefano, who leads the Pennsylvania chapter of Americans for Prosperity (along with her friend Katy Abram) is just so awesome. Here is Stefano on Sean Hannity’s show last week […]

We Need More Like Diana Irey-Vaughan Running for Offices Like PA Treasurer

by Smitty Diana’s campaign for state treasurer of Pennsylvania made news at a PA State GOP gathering: But none delivered a speech that roused the crowd more than State Treasurer candidate and Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan. She began with her record and performance as Commissioner, jumping on a key moment to tie her […]

Ironic Payback for Philly Democrat

Pennsylvania State Rep. Babette Josephs Does the name Babette Josephs ring a bell? You may remember last month Josephs, a Democratic Pennsylvania state legislator from Philadelphia, harshly criticized Republicans, especially GOP women who supported a bill to require ultrasounds before abortions: Josephs’ remarks came at a political rally sponsored by the Lancaster County Democratic Committee, […]

Gingrich Gets Stomped by 30 Points in Delaware; Fourth in Pennsylvania

As predicted, the talk of Newt Gingrich winning Delaware turned out to have been delusional: Mitt Romney got 57% to Gingrich’s 27% in the state where Newt had campaigned heavily in recent weeks. We have known since April 8 that Gingrich’s campaign was more than $4 million in debt. By continuing his campaign another 16 […]

Aww, Shucks, Ma’am, ‘Tweren’t Nothin’ …

After yesterday’s post about Jennifer Stefano, Bob Beckel’s F-bomb and Neal Boortz’s “rabid shrew” comments, the ladies at AFP Pennsylvania hail me as a “BeckelGate Hero.” If a blog could blush . . . UPDATE: She shares her side of the story: What I want people to take away from my exchange with Bob Beckel […]

Brutal: New Rick Santorum TV Ad Compares Mitt Romney to Barack Obama

According to Politico, this new TV ad is now running in Wisconsin and will soon be running in Pennsylvania: UPDATE: This ad appears to be part of a general effort by the Santorum campaign to put the focus squarely on health care, as the candidate also publishes an op-ed column in USA Today: As the […]

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