The Other McCain

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Posted on | May 17, 2010 | 15 Comments

It’s been three weeks since I first put in a phone call to Tim Burns’ campaign headquarters, and I’ve since made three trips to Pennsylvania’s 12th District to cover this special election. The polls show a dead heat, and Dave Weigel at the Washington Post suspects Democrats are feeling confident, but they may just be playing the expectations game. From my column today at The American Spectator:

Debbie Lee came all the way from Arizona to campaign for Tim Burns. She was “deployed” to western Pennsylvania on behalf of Moving America Forward, a pro-military organization “committed to supporting America’s efforts to defeat terrorism,” and she brought with her a $5,000 check for the Burns campaign from the group’s political action committee.
Lee is a “Gold Star Mother” whose son, a Navy SEAL, was killed in a 2006 firefight in Iraq. She praised Burns as “a candidate who understands and will uphold the Constitution and who recognizes the sacrifices our troops make.”
In the battle for Pennsylvania’s 12th District, Lee is one member of a veritable of army of volunteers fighting to elect a Republican to the seat held for more than three decades by the late Democrat John Murtha. For weeks, volunteers have stuffed envelopes, manned phone banks and walked precincts, and today they’ll make the final push to get their voters to the polls in a special election that many observers are calling a crucial test of whether the GOP can win back the House of Representatives in November.
On the eve of this key election, only one man was willing to predict the final result. “I can assure you, we’re going to have a victory tomorrow,” Burns said in an interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Monday night. . . .

Please read the whole thing. I’ll be traveling to Pennsylvania this morning to provide on-the-scene Election Day coverage, so your contributions to the Shoe Leather Fund are courteously solicited, and expect updates throughout the day.